What pram do you have & what do you think?

The reason I ask is because at the moment I have a Mamas & Papas Ultima 6 in 1 with X Cel chassis.
I am selling it as I have had enough of the problems that have went wrong with it & I have been looking at others.
The one I have my eye on is the Quinny Buzz 3 wheeler in pink & orange but I have read some reviews that don't make it sound the best.

Now I know there are problems with every pram but I want to get a broad range of opinions on all the prams that people have. My main thing is I use my pram ALL THE TIME because I don't drive & I would be on public transport a lot.

Ellie is 8 months & still very light but I have heard about quinny buzz not being great when baby gets older. I want to keep my new pram for as long as I need it & don't want to have to buy another one so all comments would be welcome!
Lauren xxx


  • I have a Bugaboo Chameleon, I like it and would buy it again, I also use mine all of the time - its been great on the beach and around town and I love that it can face both inwards and outwards, the only thing I don't thing is great is the raincover as it doesn't always stretch completely over the end of the pram but thats me nitpicking. We hope to have another lo soon and I will be moving on to a Phil and Teds.
  • I also have a Bugaboo Chameleon and I also would buy it again like a shot! I love just about everything about it apart from the fact that I can only fit one lo in it! I also have a Phil and Teds that I use as a double and that is really good as well, but I prefer the bugaboo!
  • I had been thinking of a bugaboo but I don't need the carrycot & they are so expensive to buy for just the buggy unit if you know what I mean? xx
  • I had a silver cross 3d, but as soon as cameron was out of the carrycot and in the pram it i also hated it!!
    when he was about 4 months i bought a maclaren techno xlr and i love it!! its quite high, so great for oh, really light, pretty looking, comfy for cameron and big wnough to last him a long long time! well worth it!
  • I have a Graco Mirage. (travel system.) I know people will say it isn't as good looking as other prams (which is true), and it doesn't look expensive, and it doesn't face you (unless used with the carseat). But I LOVE it! Best ??120 we ever spent. My dad has bought me a Mamas & Papas Pliko and I am not nearly as keen. The Graco I have folds down so easily, is so light, handles like a DREAM. In 7 months it has never broke and never even had any 'teething problems'. It really is the easiest pushchair I tried & I use it on public transport regularly too, I use it nearly every day and love it. The only problem I had with it (though it probably wouldn't matter so much to you now) is that it either lies totally flat, or totally upright, there are no 'in betweens' which was a bit rubbish when my LO was 3-5 months as he didnt want to be totally flat but he couldn't sit up right. x
  • i have cosatto mobi, its brill has carry cot, n carseat n it just like buzz but cheaper has 5 year warranty n gas pressure something or other that mean you hit bottom n it unfold itself n then just clip on carrycot, pram or carseat its ace n bright red x
  • i have a quinny buzz (pink and orange!!) i love the look of it and the fact that it can face outward and inward but its bulky!a pain that the back wheels r so big and iv just had to buy new innertubes as they puncture so easily!also bit of a pain that you cant fold down all together and we can only just fit the seat unit in the boot with the frame(we have to take the wheels off though!)

    I also have a mamas and papas luna which i think is fab but not as cosy as the quinny and it only faces outward but uts great value for money! xx
  • I have a bugaboo and LOVE it, I would buy it again in a shot. There is nothing I don't like about it and soooo much I love about it. I would reccomend them to anyone, it was my 6th buggy/pram and worth every single penny and a LOT more. xxx
  • I have the Quinny Buzz 3 wheeler and I love it! If you get a brand new 2008 version, there is no problem with not being any good as the baby gets bigger as they provide a second seat (fabric only) that is much thinner and therefore lasts a lot longer too. I have the 2007 version and there is no way the seat will last until 4 years so if you contact the maker they send you the new seat from the 2008 version!! It's a fab pram and to me, the only problem is that the gap between the back wheels is huge - it's a very wide pram!
    Hope that helps a bit!
  • Hi,
    We have a Quinny Buzz 3 and love it. It's really easy to put down and you push one button to pop back up again. Attaching the car seat is a bit faffy but am always better when oh isn't around to put me off! We used the cot thing for the first few months but he's too lomg for that so we're about to move onto the pushchair part.It can face you or outwards so as of now can't commnet. Would buy one again as have found the way the carseat and cot slot on and off the wheel part really easy-especially after a C-section. Was expensive,as we got the whole travel system thingie, but as lo is our first we weren't sure what we needed. Hope you find a good one for you and your little girl. x
  • I have had a silver cross 3d and a mamas and papas luna and I have finally sold them fora better pram. I went for a Jane Carerra Aniversario and it is fantastic!!! I got it at my local pram store for ??265 and I can't rate it highly enough, Its light but substantial so no tipping or anything like that. It comes with the seat unit but if you ever have another baby you can buy the carrycot separately. It lies completely flat but sits up really straight too. Its really snug and some of it is machine washable. Only downside is price of accessories but I managed to get a footmuff on ebay for ??26. Honestly, I think I have found THE PRAM! I'm so chuffed.

    This is the one we got but it comes in 6 different colours.
  • Thank you ladies for all the replies.
    Going to go pram playing tomorrow & see out of the ons I have in my head which is my favourite.

    I have heard about front wheels coming off quinny buzz & people breaking fingers in the frame when it is being unfolded????? Any of you with them had this problem?

    My own pram is super wide & the buzz is definitely slimmer & it too has to be taken off frame to fit into car but when folded it appears anyway to be slimmer than my own one too.....
  • I have the Quinny Buzz in Red and Absolutley love it!!!!! I dont drive and its fine on public transport, oh has an audi estate so fits in the easily, the back wheels are easy to pop off too and i find it super easy to put down get up etc..... Never had any probs with ours!!
  • loving all the help & going shopping tomorrow but *bump* as i need as many replies as possible! thanks girlies xx
  • It's funny how people have the smae pram but some love it and some hate it - shows how personal it is! I have a silver cross 3d (have had for a year since lo was born) and I LOVE IT - never had a single problem with it!!!!
  • I have the Luna Mandarin its lovely pram, so easy to use, light, easy to put up/down and i lluuurrrvvveee the colour lol but i also want a silvercros dazzle!
  • i had 4 pushchairs i got M&P Ultima 6 in 1 M&P Pliko, Quinny Buzz and Petite Star Zia Stroller i love them all
  • cazmac which one would be your favouirte????
    yeah i find it helpful though that there's such a wide range of views because the review websites are all horror stories & it's better in my opinion to get views off people like you guys who use your prams daily! xx
  • Hey, I have the Graco Mosiac travel system and although i don't use the car seat anymore it was fantastic then and it still is now just as a pram. It looks really neat and folds don't like a stoller so its really small for the car. Brilliant buy. Would reccomend it everytime. Also it didn't drown Harry when he was little and doesn't look too small for him now. Plus plus has a bar over the front of it that Harry holds onto to sit forwards and look out and we used to put toys on it for him to look at when he was younger xxx
  • i loved the M&P ultima has just car seat on wheels and love the cxarry cot as really big. The pliko not used that much as big and heavy . I love petite star zia as very small and is very good if you not got alot of room. I am useing the buzz at moment but it is hard to but down my oh can only do it i love it and she fit in it nice. Not which is my favouirte M&P Ultima for newborn buzz from 4 months. Petite star zia for in the car
    By most of these i got of ebay
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