Sweep @ 40wks? (GC from Due in June)

Hi, I posted yesterday about midwife app and how she said I am 3/5ths engaged and she will give me a sweep on Friday (my due date) if I want. I don't know why I'm feeling a bit hesitant about having it- can it harm the baby? Will she be able to tell if my cervix is 'favourable' or not? If it's not so you think I'd be able to tell her just to leave it? I am planning a homebirth so I really don't want to go too overdue and have to be induced. Would be grateful for any opinions/ experience.

Sorry for all the questions!!

Dsffodil1000 39 + 2 xxx


  • hi,

    i wasnt allowd a sweep at 40 weeks, i had one at 41 weeks and it worked! it wont hard baby but i found it painful, although i only took a few seconds, she will be able to tell you if you have dialated at all, i was 1cm at 41 weeks. hope everything goes well!

    ashy x
  • i had a sweep on my due date. it was painful as baby wasnt ready. she arrived 3 days later
  • I had three sweeps in total - first one at 41 weeks when she 'walked' my cervix forward (i was 1-2cm dilated), second one attempted at 41+5 (she couldn't reach my cervix, but then she was teeny tiny and had very short fingers!) and the final sweep at 42 weeks (I was 2-3cm dilated) which worked until the contractions stopped 12 hours later so I had to be induced 15 days overdue (baby arrived +16).
    I was down as a home birth too hence lots of attempts to kick-start things and the 'wait and see' policy.
    It doesn't hurt, just a bit uncomfortable and they don't do it if your cervix isn't favorable (they have a feel around first).
    I think it's worth a try, esp. if you ideally don't want to be induced - nothing to lose!
  • Thanks girls, I think I will go for it and if I'm not favourable then I haven't lost anything! I haven't had any twinges or signs so I'm not expecting anything to happen!!

  • Daffodil I'm due Fri and booked in for a home birth also.... your post has prompted me to block book a load of MW appts cause she gets so booked up! I have them booked for 41 weeks, 41+4 & 42... hope that I don't need them!

    The receptionist thought I was hilarious!!

  • The sweep should be painful, just uncomfortable. The midwife wont do it until your cervix is favourable anyway, as they wont be able to get a finger tip in to do it!
    Basically your cervix is quite long and thick, almost tubualr during pregnancy, and sits high and far back. For it to be favourable, your cervix needs to have come forward, and started to thin out, and gone very soft, maybe even start to dilate slightly, before a sweep can be done.
    I had one with my 3rd baby the day before he was duem and he arrived 7 hours later!
    I'd say go for it, you've got nothing to lose really. Good luck!! xxx
  • I agree - it's definitely worth a shot. I had one on my due date but the midwife could not even reach my cervix BUT it would have been a different story if she could have maybe. It didn't really hurt (seeing as she couldn't reach it!). I was induced 8 days later in the end. Good luck! x
  • I had one today at 40+3 it was fine not painful or uncomfrotable I was 1-2 cm dilated xxx
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