5 days in and rejecting the baby rice

hi everyone,

not surprised little one is rejecting the baby rice. bit bland. mixed a tiny bit of banana with it to give a bit a flavour and he happily ate it. he's going to be five months tomorrow. just wanted to know if there is any harm doing this. hv said stick with just baby rice for a few weeks as he isn't six months yet.


  • brooke was on solids at 3 months which is very early, but guidelines state 4-6 months he will be fine hun, i dont know one baby that liked baby rice it tastes like wallpaper paste and looks like it!!
    i think he will be fine to try something new now! brookes 1st taste was apple puree. xx
  • TBH I used baby rice with ollie for about the first three times, then just used it to bulk stuff up if it was a bit too runny..... it is a bit bland and i only used it to get him used to th motions of taking food in instead of suckling.

    they do recommend that you start with veg purees at first - one veg at a time so you can tell if lo reacts to something which one it is, before fruit as if you start them on fruit you might have trouble getting them to eat veg - with olli we waited a couple of weeks on veg purees before mixing fruits in with them and giving fruit purees etc....

    think its all just trial and error - what works for you might not be what works for others.
    take it slowly though and just try an earlier meal for now thn slowly build up to a second meal and a third....

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