link between indegestion in pg and baby with lots of hair...

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My mum and OH are having a silly debate about the old wives tale aout indegestion in pregnancy and babies born with lots of hair.

I suffered really badly from indegestion/heartburn right from the begining, my mum always said he'll be born with lots of hair. My oh was like nope its only an old wives tale. Well anyway when i had Isaac he had loads of golden blonde hair!

so what i want to know is ladies did you suffer indegestion and did your lo have lots of hair??


  • i had indegestion from the start and my lo had lots of dark hair when he was born...
  • Sorry, but I think I'm going to ruin the myth!! I had awful indegestion when I was pregnant with Millie and she was more or less bald untill she was about one, didn't have her first hair cut untill she was 2! I did get indegestion second time round, but not as bad, and Barney had loads of hair, he's only 8 months and it's already been cut once.
  • I had bad indigestion and Charlie's head was covered in hair x
  • I didn't have any indigestion in pregnancy - I could eat a large curry and go straight to bed. Abby was born with lots of blonde hair.
  • I had bad indigestion with both of my pregnancies and neither one of them had lots of hair. I remember my boss telling me that they would have loads of hair as I suffered so badly. Ollie had abit of hair when born and Maddi didn't have alot either. My neighbour who was pregnant at the same time as I was with Ollie had no indigestion but her lil girl had loads of thick dark brown hair.
  • I had really really awful heartburn with Theo, most nights I'd throw up because of it and I also had a really itchy bump. He was born with loooads of hair! This is him when he was a few days old

    But now he's blonde! This is him a few days ago

  • Theo is gorgeous.

    I'm going to ruin the myth as well though! I had bad heartburn but Gabe has never had lots of hair...he does have hair but it's just really blonde and downy and fuzzy, not 'proper' hair lol xx
  • i had awful indigestion with all 3 of mine had 2 baldies and 1 with loads of hair!!!
  • I had terrible indigestion with both of mine. 1 was born with quite a lot of blonde hair, my 2nd was born a baldy and still is now 4 months later :lol: Its getting there now though....although still fuzzy image

    I personally dont believe it and think its a coincedence.

  • I've had really bad heartburn with all 3 pregnancies, 2 baldies and i'll let you know about the third in 11 weeks time!

    h x
  • I've had really bad heartburn with all 3 pregnancies, 2 baldies and i'll let you know about the third in 11 weeks time!

    h x
  • Hey,
    I had horrible heartburn for all of my pregnancy and one of the Mum's at school said 'Oh that'll be a hairy baby then!!' which I just smiled at but Alf has a cracking head of hair now which is slowly turning blonde.Was jet black when he was born! I also drank milk by the pint every day to help the heartburn-anyone else? I used to have it with every meal. The kids in my class used to tell me if I had a milk moustache-atractive or what?!
    Think its just coincidence probably.
    Good luck for number 3 heather1973 xx
  • ooh i had it so bad and lolah wasnt born with any hair- still hasnt got much now!! xxx
  • Im going to ruin that myth 2 as I had terrible heartburn through both of my pg's and both of my boys had hardly any hair when they were born and they both still have fine blond hair
  • I suffered with indigestion really bad and Charlotte was born with loads of really dark hair!

    It never fell out just turned blonder and she now has a little bob trimmed by my sister (a hairdresser).
    Everyone thinks she's older than what she actually is - they think she's a very very small 2 year old - lol!!
  • i had hardly any indegestion or heart burn and sophia has lots and lots of hair ... here is her after we washed her hair just when she was born


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  • and me.........i had really bad heartburn at night and evie was born with a fair amount of hair! xx
  • thanks katie ure a star image ....not sure why the ell i struggled to get that on :lol: xxxxxxxxx
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