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Trip to casualty this morn :-(

Hi ladies, had to take my ds (nearly 12 months) to casualty this morning image he woke up at his usual time - around 7.15 - and as normal I left him for 5-10 mins to properly wake up.
During this time I heard him whinging a little bit then coughing, at first it sounded normal then it turned into a choking sound. So I ran in to his room to find him struggling to breathe and red in the face along with his bed sheet completely covered in sick.
I picked him up and firmly rubbed his back and he coughed up a piece of mushroom.
At this point my fiance had called an ambulance as we had no idea what was the matter.

Ambulance took us to casualty (he was sick again during the journey) and we were seen pretty quickly, however, we felt we were fobbed off in the end. The young doctor told us no to be so 'adventurous' with his food. All he'd had was a pitta pizza for tea the night before which consisted of a wholemeal pitta, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and cheddar.

He was sick again as soon as we left the hospital but was back to his usual self in the afternoon, apart from the fact he wasn't very hungry.

I presumed he must have a virus or something to make him that sick but this was never mentioned at the hospital.
Is the food I'm giving him too advanced? He's never had any trouble eating anything we make for him and has never sicked up his food.

Thinking of seeing the gp/health visitor tomorrow as I feel there was something else the matter with him.

Any opinions of what our next step should be?

Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance xx


  • I don't know anything about this really because my ds is only 15 weeks, but surely that's not too 'adventurous'? It sounds like he was sick and it got stuck in his throat on the way back up, bless him. Has he ever reacted to any of the foods before? I would've though mushroom, cheese, bread and tomato wasn't that strange to give to a 12 month old! Sorry to not be much help, didn't want to r+r x x x
  • The food sounds fine to me, my lo is 11 months tomorrow and for the last 2 months she's been having pizza and things like that and been fine. In fact the nursery give them pizza as a finger food at her age so I think the doctor was wrong to say you were being too adventurous !
  • Thanks for your replies, I think it was definietly a virus now as I had it last night and OH has it today. Wish casualty had listened to my concerns about it maybe being a bug/virus instead of making me worry about what I'm feeding him. Like you said EmilyB the mushroom must have got stuck in his throat. Thank goodness it's over now!
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