Inside Out, BBC1 @ 7.30

HI girls as some of you may know my nephew is currently being treated at the Freeman hospital in Newcastle whilst waiting for a heart transplant. Well tonights Inside Out is all about the amazing work that they do there and there is a chance that my nephew will be on the tv. His name is Patrick and he is 2 years old. xxxx
Should have mentioned its BBC1 North East, channel 975 on sky. xxx

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  • Ok hun, I'll keep a look out for him! I do hope his op goes very very well xox
  • I'm watching it now, i live in Newcastle and think it is amazing what doctors and surgeons are able to do to these days to help lo's. it's fascinating.
    Hope the op goes well well for your nephew and he has a speedy recovery x
  • Thanks girls! Unfortunatly Pj wasn't on the tv afterall but still was a great insight into what he will actually have to go through when a heart becomes available for him! xxx
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