separated from OH UPDATE!

Been a horrible day! LO has been really grumpy i think he knows something is going on!
OH stayed at his mums after work this morning, i told him to come and collect his things so he came round at 12:30 and has only just left for work!!! he was pottering round doing dishes, putting washing on and just generally trying to help but its made me more angry with him, even made me dinner!
Everytime i asked him when he was gonna go he kept saying i'm going don't worry!

Then he has just stormed off because he saw me applying for income support online! he told me not too as he was just gonna give me space, i don't think he realises its for good!
He 'forgot' to take his clothes with him so now he's gonna be back tomorrow! i just text him to say why didn't he take them and he just said please don't apply for income support, i said i have too as i'm not working and that he needs to accept that were not getting back together!

He's just text to say ok and we will talk tomorrow but i've told him i'm keeping the house and he can pay the mortgage as maintenance for lo! i've had no reply!

I don't know how i feel, i feel tearful but i'm not really upset! i think i just know it has to happen!
I'm so sad! :cry:
Never thought this would happen when i had lo!


  • Bless you. Dont really know what to say. You sound like this is the best thing for you all so good luck with it. And if you dont want him back, dont let him beat you down.
    Big hugs X
  • hi hunny.
    you will feel like this for a while, but sounds like you've made your mind up so don't let him try and change it.
    he's doing all the right things and helping out today...but would it last in the long run if you was to give in!?
    i found doing all the benefits and stuff easier on the phone as you can explain the situation properly so you get the right figures from the start. my cousin did hers online and they were all under paying her for ages coz it takes a while to rectify it all.
    rhianna was really unsettled for the 1st few weeks after he left but she's so much happier now without all the bad atmosphere and arguements.
    i never thought it would be possible for us to have a stronger bond, but i feel like we are even closer and somehow have a bigger bond now.
    if your are sure its over, pack his stuff and leave it by the door for him tomorrow, that along with seeing you apply for income support, should be enough to make him realise your serious.
    let us know how it goes tomorrow.
    have a glass of wine and keep smiling chick.
  • Arrggghhhh so annoyed!
    I woke up this morning to find oh in bed!! i chuck him out and he sneaks in when i'm asleep!!
    He won't go!!
  • O god!!

    Why dont you ask for his key back? Then he cant sneak in! Thats if it what you really want.

    Got no advice for u really hun xxx
  • He's not getting the message is he!?
    I really don't know what to suggest other than sit him down and tell him again what is happening.
    The only other way to stop him getting in is to change your locks but then that's getting really serious & might cause more trouble than it's worth.....
    I hope you sort things out xx
  • just had a big row in front of lo i feel terrible i don't want him in the middle of this!
    I was crying holding LO and he just put his hand up onto my face and kept it there and he was just looking at me bless him he's only 6 months!
    I'm more determined than ever now!!!
  • hi sorry hes being so stubborn how about changing the locks while he is at work my sister had to do that but he then got the message hope it all works out for you take care Lin
  • oh hun...thats not good. what an arsehole. change the locks asap!!!!
    darren kept coming in here when he knew i'd b out, i was gonna change the locks but didn't coz i was due to have new doors fitted, obviously with new locks so kept him out that way.
    if things get tricky speak to a solicitor. he'll soon get the picture. bolt the doors tonight so he can't get in.
  • Oh sweetheart sorry to here that you are having so many problems.
    I no you have proberly posted on here before but can I ask why you split up?? Are you married?? It sounds like you need to change the locks asap!!
    Good luck with it all, Take care
    Kerry and Freya
    X X X
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