Protein for lunch or tea? Can I do both?

Another weaning Q!

Adam is six and a bit months and on three meals a day. I am currently giving him protein for his lunch (meat/fish/pulses mixed with veg) but veg only for his tea.

I can't remember where I got the 'protein at lunch' rule from (maybe I dreamt it :lolimage, so was wondering whether it is ok to start giving protein for his tea as well? Or am I meant to wait until he's a bit older?




  • Hey Hun

    A friend of mine had her son's 8 month check the other week and she was told that LO only need meat once a day but there was no preference to when x

    Hope weaning is going well xx
  • Have you tried him with eggs as a source of protein? My lo (nearly 8 months) loves hard boiled egg mixed with cheese and a bit of mayo, either with a bit of toast, or on it's own. I love seeing them try new foods xx
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