Any one use the TT CTN soft dummies???

Got these for Zacky as they were the only ones in the store in his size. He loves them Bless, but they are really funny to look at.

Thought Id post a pic. Its not a very good one im afraid.

We call him 'suckka fish'. LOL. as you can see into his mouth when he sucks on the dummy.

Help he is trying to chew the corner of the laptop now in retaliation for mommy posting a silly pic.



  • he looks soooo cute! Haven't seen those dummies before might have a look for them! x
  • Yep Lucy has them too, heres a piccy of her's

  • They're horrible arn't they?!
  • I think they look awful, but Zackys took a liking to them. LOL. They are meant to prevent skin irritation around the mouth area. Zackys had got worse LOL. but he is teething quite badly still. Have to keep putting aqueus cream on his face to calm the rash.
  • grace had the old ones that they discontinued and wouldnt take to any other at first but now shel have any! they look huge on little babies dnt they!lol xxx
  • Yep Katie you can see straight into the mouth LOL. Not the greatest sight if dummy goes into the mouth after a meal, especially if LO likes to keep food in their 'hamster pouches' sorry cheeks for later. YUK.

    Zacky used to have any dummy as well but then he found these and wont touch the others now.
  • Keira loves these dummies. They are weird looking.

    Unfortunately i can't seem to get these dummies anymore. and I have had to throw the others dummies away as she had them since birth and is now 16 weeks old. I threw them away when she was 14 weeks old. Since then i have tried every other dummy out there and she doesn't like any of them so she now sucks her thumb!! Not what i wanted her to do, but she does look sweet!!
  • Lilo - got mine from Tesco a few weeks ago, if u want to get more and theres one close, might b worth a look.
  • They were the only ones Gabe took to as a newborn and they were great! They do look odd though!!!

    Now he has the cherry dummies...aka the cheap latex kind...and he LOVES them! He even has a few sainsburys basics circular ones, yknow the really cheapo kind....I refuse to spend a fortune on dummies when all he does is throw them out of his pushchair!
  • Louise had the one sthat were discontinued too, luckily she's gone off her dummy completely unless in the car and I found another type she would use!

    Friends would laugh at the fact you could see her sucking!
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