Nappies Question for Mum's!! :\?

Hi Everyone

I'm trespassing from the pregnancy forum to ask a question. I'm 10 weeks PG with twins and am worried about the cost of everything since we found out there are now two babies instead of one!

So this question is about nappies....

Who uses disposable and who uses washable.... I'm more drawn towards washable at the moment because of the cost of disposable for two babies....

Can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of whatever they use and what they would reccomend?

It would be appreciated by a scared mum of two-to-be!!



  • Congratulations!

    I personally use disposable, I thought about using washable but couldn't settle on a brand! I think you could save lots of money by using reasuables!

    Good luck!

  • congrats on the twins!!

    as for nappies - some girls on here will tell you how good home brands are - like Tesco / Asda etc, but i use pampers, like them, and dont want to challenge them tbh!!

    however, with my first, when i had the time (at least 3 washes a week, plus drying etc) i used reusable and did like them!!

    i had Motherease ones, which are dearer than some, but pop on like disposables but with a water proof wrap over the top. creams need to be used, along with a liner, but these are not expensive really.

    i do think they need to be changed more frequently than disposables, and i always had to use a disposable overnight as he was a heavy wetter.

    clothes also usually end up a size bigger too as the nappies are really bulky compared to disposables, mainly as clothes manufacturors think all babies wear pampers!!!

    there are a lot more types on the market now tho compared to 7 yrs ago, so you prob will get better fitting ones.

    i think there is a forum for nappies.......
  • Thanks ladies, thanks for the website Anneka, will look at that!

  • Hi Snow Angel.

    I used reusables for the first 6 weeks but as she got bigger I found I couldn't keep up with all the washing! I agree with Ollier2001 that it's better to use disposables overnight as I found the reusables couldn't cope once LO started to sleep through and she would always wake up soaked having leaked! I also found that I was constantly doing washing at least 4 or 5 loads a week and I did wonder if it was a false economy, I now use pampers and think they're great although I guess with twins it would be expensive!
    All the best with your pregnancy.
  • Thats not bad actually, might look in Asda! Thanks tallkatie2, and thanks for all your replies girls! Much appreciated xx
  • when i was pregnant we bought washable ones, but once she arrived we simply could not be bothered with faffing on with them and doing all of the washing, so we became lazy and started using disposables and have not looked back!

    I've heard really good reveiws of tescos own brand nappies on here though which are a fraction of the cost of the leading brands... i dont go to tesco so have not tried them myself though X
  • I use disposable, I have always wanted to try washables but too scared and now lo is 6.5 months, I dont see the point in spending loads on them when I have already spent loads on disposables!

    I use boots own nappies, I find them the best. I like huggies as well.
  • I have washables that I never use !!
    Personally I like newborn huggies but for my toddler I have changed to Aldi which are fab for the day and Pampers at night.
  • Hello, firstly congratulations - how exciting but I can understand being concerned about having 2 babies! I use reusable nappies for my 18 month old son. We used disposables for the first 4 weeks, then I used a trial kit from my local nappy kit for a month. It was great to be able to try lots of different nappies to see what I like best. I then used disposables for a couple of months while I decided which ones I wanted to buy. When he was about 5 months old we started regularly using washables. I used bambinex bamboo nappies and I love them. They are really slim fitting and can be used from birth to potty (buy size 2 and fold front down while they are small) They are really absorbent and I used them at night until recently without them leaking. Now I have a couple of Little Lamb nappies for night. They are bulkier but do not leak at all during the night (fantastic!) Even disposables kept on leaking.
    With regards to clothes - I have never had to buy the next size up for my son and he is not tiny (8lb12 at birth) I found that tesco trousers are the best but others fit fine too. A lot of nappies are quite slim fitting, especially as they get older.
    It took a couple of months to get into a good washing routine. During this time I had a packet of disposables just in case I didn't wash and dry them in time. Now I have a good routine and I don't use any disposables. It really is not a lot of extra work (washing machines do all the work!) I dry pail them which means putting them straight into an empty lidded bucket. When it is full (about every other day) it goes straight in the machine. A little washing powder and some napisan and some white vinegar in the fabric conditioner slot and I wash at 30 ( better for environment and elec bill) I line dry, sometimes near radiator in winter and outside in summer. it is just as easy to use out and about, except you have to take them home again but I have never found it difficult.
    Financially it is great. I now have a full set of nappies - I think I have spent about ??150 but I will be using them again for any other children I have so the savings will be great. Paper liners aren't expensive, about ??3 for 100. I remember reading somewhere that if you have 2 kids in nappies you don't need to buy double the nappies just 1 and a half times - that should help to save you nappies.
    I would recommend that you don't do anything before they are born, except perhaps some research. You don't need the hassle in the early weeks of worrying about washing nappies (especially with 2). When they are born use disposables, try to get hold of some trial kits, may be a nappy shop nearby or you can find them online and then you can see what you like. If you aren't sure buy 1 or 2 of a couple of different sorts and use them in tandem with disposables until you know what you like. It is better not to spend a fortune on a full set and then find you don't like it. Finally, you can buy extra boosters of thicker nappies for night time as they get older so don't despair if they start to leak as they get older.

    This has turned into quite a long post but I must admit I love my washable nappies and can talk about them all day! Remember we are all here to help so just ask if you need to
  • hiya I've never used washable ones although I do like the idea of them..

    One thing i'd thought I'd point out while your trying to work out the cost.. is TIME .. i've only got one baby and seem to be sooooo time poor! I just don't know where I would find the time to wash all thoses as well as everything else..

    So its the extra money you spend on disposables.. or the extra time you spend on washables?

    to be far tho i'm a pretty slacky mummy and you might find it easier to get on top of things than me?

    I used a mix of pampers and tesco's own and the later is fairly cheap! like Katie said, it's the milk that's quite dear Charlie has almost to boxes a week! image xx

    HTH. x
  • I thought bout using disposables, but decided against them cos i knew i'd have euf washin as it is and like it must be love i'm also time poor!

    I use boots own and they're fab, cheap and u get ur points as well, i've built up so many points since lo was born!
  • I mostly use Tesco disposables, with Pampers overnight now that LO has started going through the night as nothing else can contain the wee! Huggies I've found a terrible fit on a slim baby, lots of leaks! I've got Onelife, Tots Bots and Bambino Mio washable nappies, but all of them are so bulky on my LO that we don't use them yet, am hoping to when she starts crawling/walking. She's very petit and when I put washables on her she ends up tipped right up with her bum in the air! LOL, poor thing. With 2 babies I would imagine washable will be a lot of work when you've already got your hands full, but a lot cheaper than disposables.

    Good luck for your pregnancy
    Corinna x
  • I use asdas little angels 3x 46 packs for ??10, its really not as expensive as you think. I use about 6 a day, so thats only 1 pack a week (on average) which is ??3.50 so not a huge purse buster! Its the milk thats expensive :lol: x x x

    i use these as well, with my first two i only ever used pamapers. but decided this time to try the asda little angles as pampers cost almost ??9 for one pack the same size as the asda ones, and i find them to be just a good. and with three kids i need to save money some where lol x
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