Walker or activity station?

Noah is now 5 months so I want him to have a baby walker or activity station - I just don't know which one! I've been looking at the bright starts backyard bounce but is it a waste of time if he'll want to walk around in a few months? Should I just buy a baby walker? Thing is baby walkers don't really have the same amount of toys for him to play with!

Basically, I don't want to waste money and I want him to be able to have something that will last him for quite a while. What have you all bought your LO?


Gemma and Noah


  • Hi hun
    haven't heard great things about walkers tbh as I think research has shown it can cause them to use a different part of their feet when they do start to walk (don't quote me lol but I'm sure it's something like that!!)

    DD has a Bright Starts activity centre & loves it! I only leave her in it for no more than 15mins at a time.
  • If I had wooden floors then I would have a walker, used brother in laws on hols and LO loved it. We have an activity station and LO uses it loads, wish I had got a jumperoo but not going to now as I think he will be mobile (crawling) in the next 6-8 weeks or so.

    I think research also shows that bouncing/walkers can improve leg muscles....with all these things I think we just need to be sensible....there will always be pros and cons xxx
  • We have a mama and papas baby sit and step - Quite expensive but its an activity centre whilst they are still little but changes to a walker when they are ready to be on the move. My lo loves it and overall works out cheaper than buying an activity station and a walker

    this is amazing - toby loves it sooo ch - worth the ??80 x
  • DS has had the Leapfrog Learn and Groove Activity Station since he was about 3/4 months and he loves it !!!
  • how about something like this that converts? There are some really nice and stylish ones on kiddicare x

  • My LO has a jumperoo and he loves it. Would definately recommend it (got mine quite cheap on Amazon). I can leave him in it happily while I wash the bottles and have a cuppa! We've just bought him a walker too but as he's quite small (he's 6 months but small for his age) he cant really reach the floor so just gets frustrated. x
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