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Milk Intolerance?? help!!

My LO is just 3 months old and has had pain since birth, we have tried all the usual colic remedies and eventually went onto Soya milk which seemed to resolve the problem but unfortunately is making going to the toilet difficult and it is a playdough consistancy. The HV told me too try and wean her off the Soya back onto normal milk as the colic should have cleared so we started with one bottle then 2 but on day 3 when she had 3 bottles of Cow & Gate she was screaming in pain so we took her to the docs (not my usual doctor), he admitted that he did not know much about the subject and i eventually got him to prescrib a different milk asking to try lactose free rather than Soya, the milk had to be ordered and when I collected it I found that it is still Soya and she is now struggling with going to the loo even more!
Has anyone else had dealings with lactose or milk intolerance?
The symptons we have seem to be colic like pains, excess gas (lots & lots!) and sounding slightly wheezy and snuffly on standard formula.
Could this be a lactose intolerance?:\?


  • Hi

    We had the same thing with Eddie and ended up in hospital! In the end I tried SMA LF (Lactose Free) and he has been a happy, content baby ever since!! We stayed away from Soya as they say it can effect hormones, esp with boys, but I swear by the SMA LF!!

    We tried everything before inc Dr Browns bottles, gaviscon, colic drops etc and suffered for 8 weeks!!

    Try this and see what happens.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks - did you get it on prescription?
    Can you buy it in supermarkets?
    How much is it and is it the small tins?
    I have also tried the Dr Brown bottles etc - why did you end up at hospital? I am worried!
  • oh sorry I didn't meant to worry you!

    we went to hospital because we couldn't stop him from crying and were just exhausted but in the end we worked out what it was so PLEASE DONT WORRY!

    SMA LF is from Boots, ??5 a tin and very good. You can't get it on prescription, only Soya, but it is worth every penny.

    I think it might help.

  • My son is allergic to lactose/milk protien & is now on a prescribed formula called Nutramigen 1. We also saw an NHS dietician as he has to have a lactose free diet as he is weaning now. The dietician advised that babies under 6months shouldn't have any kind of soya milk if they are showing signs of cow milk protien allergy as it can cause them to have an allergy to soya too, as well as containing certain hormones that aren't good for male babies. So I would def go back to the docs & ask for a referal to a dietician & ask them to prescribe a non dairy non soya milk for lo too.

    My son had similar symptoms, screaming whilst feeding, chronic trapped wind & then screaming whilst passing wind. I ended up changing him to soya by myself whilst abroad & then changing again to nutramigen after seeing the dietician & he has thrived on the nutramigen even though it tastes & smells like crap.
  • Hope this will sort her out poor little darling she is so happy when she is pain free and I am feeling really run down myself.
    Thanks for your help!!
  • When I was born (long time ago!) I had a milk allergy that I still have as do my mum and my gran did. Poppy (7 weeks tomorrow) is being fed on Aptamil and is sick for a good half hour after feeding, she's extremely windy (she farts like a man!), has a rash over her face and neck (which is how my milk allergy manifests itself) and has been snuffly & wheezy since she was born - could this be an intolerance does anyone think?? She has her 6 week check on Tuesday so I'll e mentioning it to the doctor then just thought I'd ask your opinions!
  • Maddie has been snufly and wheezy ever since she was born, the midwives said it was just mucus and would clear and the doctor said it was just a little cold. I do see a great HV and will be seeing her tomorrow and hopefully get to the bottom of it.
  • I have a dairy intolerance, thou not as bad as when I was younger - mine presented itself as migraines, quite bad ones too. My eldest is, so far, allergy-free (she's now 7). My 2nd daughter (now 6) has started to show signs of the same intolerances to certain foods and dairy based products so we have altered her diet now and she's not had a 'headache' episode for a few months now (fingers crossed I haven't jinxed her!). Both my son's have had the lactose intolerance from birth, thou it took nearly 3 months to diagnose my eldest boy! He went onto wysoy and did ok on it. We then put him onto Alpro which he loves! He's nearly 3 now and his diet is as normal as everybody elses, we just try not to overload his system with too many milk products but he eats normally. He does still drink alpro but only 4 oz in the morning and 4 at night. My youngest, now 8 months, went onto wysoy at 3 days old as we spotted the symptoms early on. He does now also have alpro, bout 24 oz a day plus 3 meals! As he gets onto proper solid foods we will start adjusting his diet to include milk products to build his system up like we have with his big brother.

    I know what they say bout soya and it effecting boys and fertility problems but to be honest, I'd rather have a happy smiley baby with a full tum and not one screaming and crying in pain!! Good luck all those seeing their gp's or hv's - hope u get the right stuff for ur babes. xx
  • I know this is an old thread but thought I’d give it a go anyway! So my lo has been suffering with the same issues as your little ones. Screaming with trapped wind and screaming during feeds, this in the end has resulted in her refusing to feed! She has gone from 5-6oz to 2-3oz. After 2 worrying days of not drinking properly we went to a&e. They have referred her to a dietitian but we could be waiting weeks for the referal! Took her back to gp who has reluctantly allowed me to try her on Aptamil Pepti 1 which I’m yet to start her on due to it having to be ordered in. She’s 3 months old and has been to the docs/a&e atleast once a week since she was born! I’m just now worried that the change in milk (currently on aptamil colic comfort) is going to upset her more:( has anyone had there lo on this milk or have a solution to these issues? ps she is also on ranitidine for silent reflux and infacol before each bottle and has been on infacol since about 2 weeks old.

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