Pick up put down update

Well we did it - He went down rrally well at 8.30 and slept til 10 then the hard work started. Everytime we put him down hed cry so loudly and sounded really upset, which broke my heart! Eventually he went to sleep about 1.30!
I do have a question though, at one point he woke up wide awake and wouldnt even get drowsy or anything so what are we supposed to do then?
Thanks girls for the advice and hopefully it will go better tonight


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  • lol yeah i do.
    HV advised it because my 4month old cant fall asleep on his own and for the past week or so will not sleep in his cot at night, only in my arms, apparantly will be best for both of us
  • He's only 4 months and they do say wait until 6 months for cc. I agree with SB, it won't do him any harm being cuddled to sleep unless it is really tiring you out. If Gabe is unsettled I have him in my bed and its so much easier. He hasnt got used to it and went to bed without a murmur tonight!xxx
  • If you need to teach him to fall asleep by himself but you don't like the idea of cc what about trying pick up put down? It's a bit harder work but it involves a lot less crying and should have the same result. Basically you pick him up when he starts crying and sooth him up against your shoulder, as soon as he stops crying you put him down but stay with him. The idea is that you carry on like that untill he falls asleep. I've used both cc and pupd with my two, pupd worked really well with Millie but it just wound Barney up so I had to use cc instead. It wasn't quite as hard for me as it was only for his daytime naps so at least I wasn't tired as well, main thing to remember is that if you decide to do it you HAVE to be 100% commited. If you let him cry for, say 30 mins, and then give up because you are upset, then he will have cried for nothing.
    Good luck!! here if you need us.
  • what your HV has told you about is pick up put down method (as you said she advised you pick him up and soothe him). I imagine this method would work better than CC anyway though because he is too little to understand CC, and leaving him to cry with very little comfort might be a little unfair.

    I'm afraid i can't really offer any tips as i've not done pick up put down method before! though i wish you good luck with getting a result and remember to be consistent even when it gets tough or you'll undo your hard work! XX
  • Pick up put down sounds a lot better think il try that first, thanks bedhead!
    I cant stand the thought of leaving my baby to cry image
  • Thanks everyone.
    Just put him down - wish us luck!
  • I've done pu/pd with my 8 month old (well, it was really a mixture of that and cc!) but tonight she actually settled really quickly! So really hope it works for you.Good luck.

  • YAY!!! If he seems happy and wide awake then I would just leave him in his cot. Barney quite often wakes up, sings a bit and then goes back to sleep. If he starts crying you can start the pupd again. Well done though, sounds like you did really well
  • controlled crying doesnt work for us, we both get too wound up and upset! Whats pick up put down??
  • Im glad it went well too, I know i dont have it in me for controlled crying i just couldnt leave him there so if this doesnt work then il deal with the sleepless nights but dont see why it wouldnt!
    Really happy that it seems like there is light at the end of the tunnel, cant wait to be able to snuggle up on the sofa with oh again, its been ages because Connor has not gone to bed earlier than 11 since his reflux..
    Thanks again for your support its really great to know that you girls are on here if I need you, You have all been such lifesavers at one time or another, I dont know what mums did before forums! lol

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