how do you cook and prep meat for baby?

i am going to start LO with meat this week, i usually batch cook veg for the freezer and get as many cubes out as i need, but what do i do with meat? do i have to cook it just before each meal?


  • nope, u can can it cook along with veg, mash it/puree it up together and then freeze, for reheating, jsut amke sure ur defrost thoroughly and then heat til piping, then allow to cool. hth or u can cook it as and when u need it, but u don't need to, u acn do it in advance like u do ur veg xx
  • I've been making meat/fish and veg meals for Cam for about a week and have been batch cooking as I did with the fruit and veg. He eats everything cold so I only need to defrost it for him image . He's loving the new flavours, happy cooking!! x
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