Clamping mouth shut

Charlotte keeps clamping her mouth shut when trying to spoon feed her. She's having her milk as normal and is finger feeding herself. She will have some mouthfulls of food but then clamp it shut and/or blow raspberries. This has been going on for about 3-4 days now so not too long but I'm getting concerned that she wont be getting enough food.

If she wont eat her food should I just take it away and not give her anymore or should I give her something else. I don't want to be "cruel" to her but I also don't want to reward her for not eating her meals. I'm also not getting stressed when she wont eat so she doesn't pick up on it as I know that will make things worse. I know she wont starve herself, and this is maybe a natural phase but I still can't help worrying as she is a skinny minnie anyway (just over 17lb at 10 months old).

Any advice/tips greatly appreciated, thanks xx


  • have u tried giving her a spoon so she can "feed" herself while u feed her hun?
    she may just be ready to practice doing it herself with a spoon. xx
  • Yeah I've tried that and nothings's really come of it. I'll try again though and help her more and see what happens. thanks x
  • if all else fails u cld always leave her to it hun, i did it with oliver, VERY messy but some food went in, lol

    sorry not much help. xx
  • Can't get any messier than her blowing raspberries with a mouthful of food and pebble-dashing everything within 5 feet (inc me)!!! lol!
  • evie did go through that same phase i think at about 8month (time goes so quick i can barely remember!) but it lasted about a month and then back to normal. Personally i didnt want to get into a habbit of giving her something else instead as i think that can lead to fussy eating if kids get too much choice, and know they can get something better if they won't eat what we offer! i'm sure she won't starve herself honey X
  • Thanks LinziMc. I agree with not giving them something else. Just needed reassurance from someone that is was ok really.
    Also think her tantrums have started.....!!
  • Hi hun, ashton does this sometimes to and he is only 5 months old, stupid as it sounds singing to him see to work. Dont ask me why but if I sing when feeding him he will eat everything no problem??? xxxxx
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