Right... Lets just clarify.

Hands up who is:


Hands up who is not:

- a Troll
- weirdo man(or woman.. i won't discriminate) just wanting money
- a fake

My hand is firmly stuck in the air. Just so you all know! image



  • I am real, I am a mummy and a mummy to be and I am nice. Sometimes I feel a bit paranoid about posting on here lately as most people only reply to people they 'know'.

    Don't really understand why we are doing this - have we got another troll?
  • No! Don't worry. I'm just thinking that its now getting truely sad (verging on hilarious) how many trolls we're getting on here. Just thought it would be amusing. xx
  • And congratulations on the bump! I didn't realise you were pregnant image sorry for my ignorance image xx
  • Im a mummy to be...bit of a fraud but don't post in here normally, just read others and hope that all goes well and this will be me soon!!

    Gemma xx 9 + 1
  • Hands up from me a nice lady, Hayley age 33, mum to Charlotte age 14 months...........but tbh posts like this keep drawing attention to the trolls etc. I would prefer if people didn't mention them at all so we can just forget them!!!!!!

    And did you mean to say hands down if you are a troll?!:\?

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  • Have my hands from me! Mummy to Ashton 9 months and 15 weeks pregnant with baby number 2!!!!
  • Thanks Whalemummy!
  • Im a normal yummy mummy!! I have Kelsie who is 17.5 months and Jack who is 5 months!!

    I'd ignore any troll posts, posts like this just show that you're letting them get to you to be honest. You're best off ignoring it. They'll continue whilst they are getting the attention.

  • hand up...mummy to jake-5 months
  • My hand is in the air i am mummy to caitlin 2 and twin girls Stevie and Ashlea 8 months xx
  • My hand is up too. I'm a real mummy to Heidi 8 mths. Don't post on here very often but I often read people's posts.
  • i'm real! so my hand is up! Gem, mummy to Isaac 5 weeks!
  • *Raises hand*
    I'm a real mummy and mummy to be and im also quite nice:roll: although my oh insists that im quite weird :lol:

    Hannah 38weeks today image xxx
  • my hand is up i am a real mummy to james 14 holly 9 and toby 1 i like to think i am nice
  • Hands in the air
  • *Hand up*
    Im mummy to Connor 6 months
  • Hands up!!

    Mummy to Amber - 6 months, I am Amy - 23.

    I love BE, lots of fab girls with fab advice! xx
  • hands up for me! i'm a mummy to 4 year old Ethan and 7 month old Grace. I'm as nice as i can possibly be image

    Lisa xxx
  • i AM a weirdo but i don't want money, well, unless ur offering? :lol: i'm also a mummy to Jensen - 6 months!!

    should i have my hands up or down? :lol: x
  • Hand high in the air i am a mummy to 3 lo's ellie 6, leo 18 months and james 8 months
    vikki xx
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