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Hi ladies
I'll give you the long full background! My poor lo is 9 months and has really been through the mill recently. First he had an ear infection with perforated ear drum - I first suspected because he was off his food, puling his ear and had a lot of wax coming out. Then he got a fever. So i called the doctor who was really dismissive and said if it was an infection it wouldn't be waxy looking it would be clear fluid. After a few days he was really grizzling and still puling his ear, lots of yellow fluid coming out and not eating at all so I took him in to the doc - yes it was infected and the ear drum had peforated. (I should add that at my doctors you can't get an appointment for weeks so they try to just do telephone consultation so I felt I had been fobbed off a bit).
So he got antibiotics. Around that time he got a nasty cold (green snot, chesty cough etc) which he still has a fortnight on. After he finished the antibiotics he was still tugging, smacking and rubbing his ears - both of them, and they both had a yellowy discharge - could be wax, not sure. Next day another temperature. So I rang the doc again - he said as he's already had antibiotics, if it is infected it's viral so nothing they can do. But he was eating again. That was Monday.
On Wednesday night he woke up in the night having vomited and diarrhoea (spelling??) everywhere, really ill - and was still vomiting Thursday morning and still got a bit of diarrhoea now. I took him to the docs - they reckon norovirus, checked both ears and said they're fine, not infected, a bit waxy but eardrums are fine, so i can take him swimming again. I pointed out that he's been tugging them etc and he said it's probably just habit now.
I don't want to be a neurotic mum, but I'm not convinced! He's still pulling them and there's still stuff coming out, plus i can hear them making that clicky / sticky noise when he rubs. He's still not eating (but he was vomiting a few days ago),. Am I just being paranoid or should I be worried?
Also, anyone got any tips on getting him back to full health as it's just been one thing after another. And do you think it's ok to take him swimming next Sat (I missed this week again as he's still got diarrhoea and a cold).

Sorry for such a long post and so much detail but I am worried and just want to know if I'm being silly - what do you think? :\?


  • I would take him back to the docs. Your docs sound like my docs. I actually sent hubby and amazingly Lily came back with antibiotics and a puffer inhaler thing for her chest! They had been fobbing me off for weeks. x
  • hi hun
    just wanted to say sorry he has been so ill, sounds like he's really been through it image and poor you too, i know how worrying and upsetting it is to see our little ones ill.
    i would take him back to the docs too - is there another dr you could see there? interesting what jellyfishpink says - i would take someone with you as they are less likely to fob you off. alternatively, if he gets a temp or is very ill again maybe try the emergency docs as a way of a second opinion?

    if he is better in a few days (eg no diarrhoea etc) then he will probably be ok for swimming next week.

    really hope he is better soon hun xx
  • I really feel for your lo, ear infections are not nice! My lo 13months, has had a few ear infections now and been really poorly. Since his first ear infection heseems to always be rubbing and pulling his ears so I can totally identify with your worry! When he's seemed unwell i've taken him to the doctors and they've just said although it looks a bit red they don't think it's infected! Yet he'll carry on pulling, tugging and rubbing and periods off his food. So its difficult to tell if they're really hurting him or if he's just teething! Its horrible when you think there's something wrong but don't know. It almost seems pointless going to docs as they just send you away! I still have the feeling his ears are bothering him after a trip to docs the other week!

    Maybe wait a few days and see how he is and if hes still tugging his ears take him back. It may be that hes still off his food due to the sickness. Go with your gut instinct though if you feel it needs addressing straight away. Try to see a different doc if you take him again. I would wait on the swimming until hes back to full health. Come the Spring i'm sure the constant sickness will stop. Roll on Spring! :\) xx
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