is it mean to....

keep your baby awake so they sleep through??

Gabe is 8 months tomorrow but he still naps every 2 hours. However I have found that if he misses his late evening nap then he sleeps through more often then not!! The evening nap is the one that he doesnt really *need* as much as the others but he'll still sleep if I put him to bed.

He tends to nap in the morning at 10am for anything from 30 mins to 2 hours (it's been 1 hour 40mins so far!) and the same at about 1 or 2pm.


  • hi sweet
    for me it doesn't make a blind bit of difference if wade misses his nap he still wakes up in the night image .
    if it works for u i don't think its mean at least his getting good qualtey sleep by sleeping through. and so are you image
  • I don't think it is mean, as long as he is getting all the sleep he needs. Most of the baby books seem to say that it's best not to let them nap too close to bedtime. If you do keep him up does he get cranky or does he cope ok without it?
  • He seems pretty much the same if I keep him up, not grumpy or anything rubs his eyes occasionally but that's it! If he was getting really grumpy I'd put him to bed...i'll try it again tonight and see what happens!
  • I have heard from quite a few docs and fellow mommies that actually the more the baby sleeps the more the baby sleeps ...

    I think if they don't nap well they get overtired at night, and it makes them a lot harder to settle.

    But then again each babies are individual ... so dunno ...
  • Yeah Gabe is easy to settle even if he naps right before bed BUT he tends to be unsettled and restless in the early hours?!
  • Its not mean at all hun, your doing it for him as much as you are for yourself because you know Gabe needs a good nights sleep and if missing that last nap helps with sleeping through, go for it! Your teaching him good sleeping habits for the long term.
  • I think at his age he probably doesn't need that last nap. If he's not getting grumpy then I would keep him up, you could always put him to bed a bit earlier if he is struggling, they normally wake up at the same time even if they go down a bit earlier.
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