I can Do .... ONE handed... :lol:

*I can type on BE ONE handed (obviously holding Charlie in the other!)

*I can change a nappy ONE handed

*I can Bath ONE handed..

*almost put some make up on ( :lol: not my BEST look!!)

What can YOU do/have learnt to do ONE handed? :lol: while holding your little ones!!!!

so not TOO mucky Girls I can see where this could go very quickly! :lol: haha x


  • i can crack and egg with out breaking the yolk one handed

    i can eat my dinner one handed

    I can type on BE ONE handed

    i can bathe one handed

    i can do the ironing one handed

    i can look after two kids with just one hand

    i can make dinner one handed

    i can paint the house one handed

    i can bath the kids one handed (hard but can be done)

    there is little i cant do one handed, as i had carpal tunnel syndrome a while back and had to spend 4 months only being able to use my left had then 4 months only being able to use my right had.
  • haha how do you change a nappy one handed I really wanna now;) There should be a book How To Do It With One Hand? image with a dvd included so I could learn it all and with my other hand do my hair and make up and turn pages in glamour mags and just concentrate on being gorgeous image
  • I put Charlie on my lap laying down.. lol a few people have comented on how they were impressed lol x
  • I can do most things one handed. image

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