Swine Flu Jabs?

DD is about 7 1/2 months now, and I still haven't heard about getting her vaccinated. This wouldn't generally worry me but I read in The Metro this week that children between 6 months and 5 years are being offered it up to 31st March. That's in 2 weeks! Has anyone elses LO been offered it?



  • Yep, we are in South West London and got the letter in late Jan. I would give your GP a ring and see what they say, they may well be vaccinating but only on request rather than a blanket approach.

  • Hi, I only received my letter today, my GP isn't starting appointment slots till May. I think every GP is different but every child between 6months and 5 years is being offered the jab so I'm sure you will be hearing soon
  • i would give them a ring,i took the twins for there MMR jab and asked them about it and they said they would put there names down as they had to get 10ppl at a time as when they mix a batch up it only lasts for 24hours,got a call about 2wks later and there getting it next week,just gotta wait for anouther call so my other LO can get it

  • My friend has been contacted but I haven't I was going to ring them x
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