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Stage 2/medium flow teats?

Hi Girls

Just wondering how old your lo was when you switched their teats from slow flow to medium flow teats? Can't find out anywhere and don't know what signs to look for in my baby. I was thinking that she might want a better flow as she seems to fuss over her bottle more than usual but am worried that the medium flow might be too fast and give her wind/tummy ache? Anyone have any clues?



  • Hi there

    my little boy Shea is now 6months and i've recently changed to fast flow teats.

    It was something that hadn't occured to me to change. He's been on the same teats since he was born!! bless him.

    Anyway he started fussing with his bottle and would take ages to drink 6-7oz, so my sister suggested I change, so I bought boots fast flow and he's been great since. He takes his bottle no problem and quickly but it doesn't afftect his wind. They'll soon let you know if its too much cause the milk will flow in their mouth too quickly and they'll cough or spit it out.

    Hope this helps
  • Hi I changed Neve over to medium flow 2 weeks ago because she was fussing over bottles half way through and falling asleep mid feed. It took a day or so for her to get used to them but it was definately the right thing to do. Just give it a try and if your lo doesn't like it they will let you know!
  • Hi

    Thanks for that. How old is your lo? It takes my lo about 20/30mins to take about 4/5oz, not sure if this is slow or fast? She does fall asleep towards the end sometimes. She seems to be ok to start and then she keeps spitting the teat out but when I give it her back she grabs it like she is starving and she keeps doing it till she's finished the bottle. Its weird though because she also has a habit of spitting some milk back out aswell, this is why I'm not sure about switching her teats! Proper confused!

  • Hi hun, my midwife told me to change over when Ellie was 4-5 days old! I did and she was fine. She was on the fast flo from 2-3 montjs and can down a 9oz bottle in less than 5 minutes. She dosnt have wind problems either. x
    PS she was only 5lb 13 oz at birth and i worried about moving her up to fast but it hasnt done her any harm, she is now around 17lbs at 5 1/2 months. x
  • WOW!!! So soon?! My lo is 4weeks, maybe i'll switch her any way and see how it goes. The midwife didn't even mention changing teats to me!
  • I exclusively breast fed until Lily was 4 months old, then I started with bottle feeding. Straight away I noticed Lily would take ages to finish a bottle and she'd be sucking with so much force that the teat would collapse in on itself. so I switched to Tommee Tippee medium flow teats and she's fine with them. On the Tommee Tippee teats it does actually say what age group they're intended for. Just buy a couple to begin with and see your daughter gets on with them.
  • Lucy my lo is 13 wks old. I would definately try your lo on a slightly faster teat- sounds to me like she is ready for it.
  • Hi babycakes, it says on the packaging for the tommee tippee teats. Slow flow is from 0-3 months medium is from 3-6 and fast from 6 onwards but these are guidelines only and as i said before Ellie managed fine on the medium from less than 1 week old. x
  • Hi

    Am definately going to put Bella on medium flow and see how she is off them, she's 4weeks old now. I can switch back if she doesn't like them!

    Lucy and Bella
  • hi lucy i put daisy on mediumflow at four weks asshe suffereswith trapped wind and hvsaid she would take in less air. she doesnt but she coped fine with the teat change over.
  • I think Cole was about 8 or 9 weeks when I switched him to the next size up teats - they said 3-6 months on the package, but he was taking forever to finish bottles, fussing at them a lot and falling asleep on the bottle.

    He didn't get on with it so well the first time I tried - he coughed on the milk and got upset so I just left htem for a week and tried again and he was fine.
  • Hi I moved Hayden to the Tommee Tippee Variflow at 6 weeks - basically he then controls the speed and volume of milk in each gulp - it took him a couple of days to get used to them (milky face due to being greedy and not realising so much would come out) but he is great with them now and no need to move him to another set at a later date


  • Hi there my lo is 7 weeks and I changed him from Avent number 1 newborn to number 2 med flow teats this week as he was fussing and sleeping mid feed. These seem to have improved that and also his wind is much better cause I guess he is not having to suck so hard so not taking as much air.
  • Hi I use Tommee Tippee bottles and the age is on the box. Stage 2 is from 3 months so I started using them on Kara at 3 months. She wasn't ready for them so the pharmacist told me to try them at 3 months and 2 weeks. I done this and she took them really well. Stage 3 is from 6 months so I started them at 6 months and 2 weeks and again she took them really well. I only started the number 3's the other day and there has been no problems.
  • trial and error really. try the next teat and if she looks like she's drowning then you'll know it's too fast lol! it will be obvious if she can't handel it. then just keep on trying every few weeks until you notice a change. if she's taking longer with bottles or getting bored of them half way through then perhaps its time to change teat x
  • I'm having problems with moving my son Jake onto the Avent stage 2 and he's 4 months and 3 weeks old. He seems to be struggling with the stage 1's as the teats are collapsing when he is sucking. I think I am going to have to make do for now though because I have tried him again today on stage 2 and he has screamed at every feed! Goes to show that every baby is different!
  • Hi my lo is 7 weeks old was struggling to finish his bottle on a num 1 teat sometimes he only took 3-4 oz norm has 7oz so I put him up to a level 2 he has been fine now all of a sudden I think he has colic could this be the teat change? Thanks 

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