5 and 6 months old- naps

can you all please tell me what naps your babies are having? lizzie normally only cat naps for 10 mins about 3 times a day!
so today i took the bull by the horns and decided when i saw signs she was tired i would take her up to her cot, lie her down with her song thing on , give her her dummy and she if she would fall asleep, if she cried i would go in lie her back down (she tunrs into crawl position and gets angry she can barley move!) give dummy and start music again and do this until she fell asleep! well IT WORKED!!! yes it took the best part of 25 mins and i had to go in 3 times to lie her down but she has been asleep 30mins already!

am i best to do this twice a day? how many naps should she have and how long for as an estimate?
she will be 6 months on 29th

thanks image


  • Cameron is having 3 naps a day at the moment. He's only started sleeping for a decent amount of time in the last 5-6 weeks though. Before he'd have 4 x 30 minute naps a day. Now he has a nap from about 8am to 9.30am (he's usually been up 2-3 hours by this point!) and then 12pm - 1.30pm and then 3pm - 3.30pm. So 2 x 1.5 hour naps and 1 x 30 minutes. Every LO is different though so she might need more or less! Cam is 6 months on the 6th July. xx
  • my baby obviously takes after me and needs lots of sleep because she has very long naps when she's at home. she will sleep from about 9/9.30 til 11.30/12 on a morning (she gets up at 6 when daddy bangs around the house getting ready for work! grrr! she sleeps til 8 on a weekend when he's off so i blame him! lol) she will then have a nap from about 2.30/3 til between 3.30/4 depending when she goes down. she is then up til about 7 pm when she goes to bed and sleeps all night.

    however! if we are out for the day getting her to nap is a nightmare! i've actually gave up and just let her have as many catnaps as she like when we're out tbh. so she'll normally have about 5 15/30 min naps but sometimes it's as little as two 10 mins ones!

    personally i know she is dying to stay awake longer as she fights sleep sooooooo much when we're out and this results in a cranky baby next day for me! but she's only a dinky 14lbs at nearly 6 months so she obviously just doesn't have the energy to do it yet lol

    as flimpo says every LO is different and if they really really need sleep there'll be no stopping them napping! lol
  • well it was good news. she slept for a whole hour! I think i will start with the hour after lunch and go from there! when we are out and about she will ahppily nap for 40 mins in her pushchair-well until you stop walking!
  • I'm pleased it worked for you wannababy.

    My 6m old doesn't have a routine with naps but he generally has 3 or 4 naps a day, ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour 15minutes, but not totalling more than 2 1/2 hours in a day. Hope that makes sense xx
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