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really stupid pushchair on train question!!!!

hi i am quite an intelligent 35 year old lol she says!!!!! but i havnt a clue how to get on a train with a pushchair!!!! can any one help?

i have a quinny buzz and always have seat facing me. to colapse i have to take seat off . apparently you can fold up in one if rear facing but i still dont think i could do this one handed and holding on to daisy with other arm!!! especially on a train platform!!

so can you take a pushchair on to train with baby in it? i dont mind standing in doorway if nessesary? or is there any where i can put the pushchair on train without folding it up?

i want to go on the birmingham meet but now i dont think i can face the train on my own?
there is actually no way daisy will sit in pushchair for the 20 min ride either thinkiing about it so i will have to get her out. sorry this sounds pathetic but until youve done something for the first time its a bit scary xx


  • most trains have areas for disabled where there are fold up seats which can also be used for pushchars with kids in.
  • yeah i always use this area when i am going on the train and the motion always ends faith off to sleep
  • What the other mums suggest is great. You can also grab a guard to help you!
  • Only thing I would add is to check the station you are planning on using. We took Millie into Leeds in the pushchair once, had no problem getting there, had a nice day out, go the train home no probs, got off the train at our station and remembered that to get out of the station from that plaftform you have to go over the foot bridge that has no ramp!!!! Fortunately oh was with me so we carried her up and down the steps but would have been a pain in the arse if I'd been on my own.
  • I just take the pram on the train, i dont fold it up. On the virgin pendolino trains there are seats (nicely loacted near the loos) that fold down and you can keep pram upright. On the northern rail train i got on the other day i just took lo out of pram and left the pram upright near the loo (cos there is more room). On another train there was a luggage space at the end of the compartment (where you can put bikes) and i stuck the pram under there.

    It does vary by train depending on where you need to put pram but i have always manged to find somewhere.
  • Same as the others, I don't fold it up. Way too much hassle. My pushchair isn't a 1 handed fold so it would be even worse! What I have done in the past on a longer journey is leave the pushchair in the disabled or by the doorway and sit down with Gabe on a normal seat (in view of pushchair of course in case someone robbed my bag lol)...but for the 15 min trip from Wolves to Bham I will leave Gabe in pushchair...xx
  • most trains have areas for disabled where there are fold up seats which can also be used for pushchars with kids in.

    the only thing is that you have to give up the space if a disabled person gets on the train
  • Oh great thanks girls. ill have to be brave !!
  • I have never used the diabled bit i have always found room elsewhere. I was trying to get the train in liverpool on friday and they had managed to get 6 prams on!!! Unfortunately i was number 7 and had to wait for the next one.
  • Oh eeek I have never been on the train with little one in pushchair!! I am nervous now about coming to the meet - do the guards help as I never even see them when getting on the train on my own???? Mine doesnt collaspe with seat on either I have a quinny buzz too and they are soooo wide eeeek!! Scared now lol!! xx
  • I took cole on a one stop (about 10 min) train ride one day to go to a different park - it was one of those days and i was desperate for something different to do. I just left it up and stood by it in the open area at the back of the carriage - not sure if it was an actual disabled area or not but it was the only place with any room, but on the way back i got him out and held him so he could see.

    Could you go for a short train ride just to practice and to get lo used to the train?

    If you are meant to move for disabled people then where the hell are people with buggys meant to go? Good job noone wanted me to move really cause I'd have told them to bugger off to the next carriage lol
  • As a guard let me explain the situation we are in,  yes you can put your pram / pushchair on board but if we are to help baby has to be taken out.  If baby falls out we can &hhave been prosecuted. We will help you with your buggy if you hold baby. We will assist you in folding it down and storage  (remember that it's a pram not a shopping cart )

    Disabled areas have to by law be kept available for wheelchairs therefor if a wheelchair arrives space has to be available;  some guards allow it if vacant but some don't because when asked to move ìts a battle to move them and some refuse. We are then braking the law by not keeping the area free. 

  • Guard makes a valid point. The railway can be very helpful if we know to expect you, where you are heading to & how much luggage you are travelling with BUT for health & safety reasons you may be asked to remove baby from the pram/pushchair before we assist in moving it. Whilst we will permit the use of disabled areas for pushchairs we still have to keep walkways clear & a wheelchair user will get priority over a pushchair (be prepared to move from this area if asked)

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