This morning

Is anyone else watching This Morning? and is that man real??? image image image


  • Im not watching but im intrigued!!! What man?????
  • ha he was so funny,they were all trying not to piss them selves lafing,was he a trans as it was a bit weird with his finger nails being painted red and his clothes,hair etc,strange man!
  • what a prat. "oh theres no harm in prostitution they are my muses" what complete and utter bs.

    I think Phil scourfield did very well not to smack him in the mouth
  • I think they did well not to just laugh at him tbh What a pillock xx
  • I think he was waving his hand around so you could see his nail varnish :lol:
  • i was a nice red shade,i'l give him that lol
  • I cant believe i missed it. Ive looked on the this morning website and on you tube and cant find the clip!
  • he looked like count dracula
  • He was clearly delusional!! my muses & lovers!! Uhh.. I think not! your paying them for sex! I'm really pleased the law is changing! I've worked with young teens whom have been trafficed for sexual explotaion and it's horrific what they are put thru.. up to 40 men daily raping them! & the avarage age a prostiute starts in this country.. girls that were born HERE is 12! you tell me what 12 year old has a 'choice' in a matter like that? clearly they were very vunrable to begine with! I'm so happy the law in changing! (lol i know i've said it before!) but I am .. I so am! Girls shouldn't get in trouble for selling MEN SHOULD be in trouble for buying! Then if the girl suffers an awful attack ect they won't have to worry about coming forward and saying so because they wont have to worry about getting into trouble regarding what they were up to when the situation arose to begine with! Often young girls are groomed from a really young age and given gifts and 'love' in return for there acts by much older 'boyfriends' so they can't even reconginse they are being used! Then he passes her around to his 'friends'. Bloody idiotic weirdly dressed man!

    I mean who freely comes on national tele and says yeah I used prositiutes!

    Now HE makes my skin crawl!

    lol mini rant over! x
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