what do you ladies think about cosmetic surgery?

i keep complaining to my hun about my boobs and tummy and i am concern that i would never fit on my old jeas again, i heard so much about CS that i would like to do it, but even if i do it now i want more bb so the body would problably go back to al chaby, its problably better to wait until im done having kids.
so what do you girls thing should we or should we not?
just giving you something to think about!


  • I certainly have no issues with it, if its what you want and it will make you happy! Everyone can make there own choice about cosmetic surgery, as long as ones old enough and researched it then it is ones own personal choice!!! I remember being younger and dreaming about a boob job and being desparate to have my ears pinned back... but Im over that now!!! I know how it feels to be so so down about your body... I suffered an eating disorder for years, I was painfully thin but saw myself as huge and was so depressed. I am better now... ish... but surgery can drag people out from the pits of dispair... or it turn, make you wish your'd never had it done!! So I say, as long as you have a good, long ,hard think and do all the research then go with it if you choose its right for you xxx
  • It doesnt bother me - in fact i have had cosmetic surgery of sorts. I had my jaw broken and realigned as my bottom teeth went over my top teeth. I had it done on the nhs because although the main change is cosmetic it also eases pressure on the jaw which can cause pain. I personally got ear ache from it. It can also improve speech. I feel so much better since i had it done and i am a lot more confident - dont get ear ache any more either.

    I think if you want it you should get it but i dont agree with people lying to the nhs to get it. I dont think i would have anything else done even though my body is wrecked from having a baby as none of it really causes me a problem. Also my jaw operation was the most painful thing i have ever been through.
  • i agree with the other girls that surgery to feel better within yourself is ok - i think that when it is done for other reasons that it becomes a bit of a joke-

    for eg, a few years ago, there was a guy on This Morning (or whatever it's called) who had all sorts done to himself so that he could look like Tom Cruise - ears reshaped, eyes reshaped, cheek / jaw implants etc. the laughable thing was he wasn't a bad looking lad in the first place!! (i dont think he looked much like Tom after the surgery either, but he thought he did!!)

    the girl who left The Jungle last night with the false boobs - step too far there i think! i'm all for breast implants if they are natural but that big?

    there is also that woman (can never remember her name - sorry!), who has had so much surgery, her face looks that tight that if she smiled it would split!!

    there was also the joke years ago:

    "if Joan Collins had another facelift, she'd have a beard!!" :lol:
  • if i had the money i would defo have my tummy done and my envelope boobs lifted!! i'm 24 and my boobs are horrendous, i'm a size 38FF so you can imagine what the pregnancy hormones have done to me! lol
  • im also 24 its that too early?
  • im also 24 its that too early?
  • Age doesnt matter really but you must bear in mind that whatever you fix now age will affect again. Also breast implants have to be replaced roughly every ten years so you would only be 34 when you needed them doing again (if not younger). If you were going to have more babies i would wait til that is done first
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