Gifts for midwives?

Hi I have just had my second child. Last time I never really saw the same me and gave birth in hospital and I also didn't find my community mw very useful. This time I have had the same community mw from my booking in appointment until being discharged yesterday. She wasn't at the birth as I gave birth in hospital but over the past 10 days she has made sure I have had 4 visits instead of just 2 she would normally give because she has been supporting my breastfeeding. I had a terrible time trying to feed last time and gave up after a week. She has been great and feeding is going well this time which means Im a very happy mummy!
I'm going to write her a nice thank you card & let her know how much she helped me but wondered if I should get her a gift? And if so, what? I thought about flowers but she is off next week and I'm not sure what days she is working so I would hate to take flowers in and then find she isn't there to receive them.
Did any of you get your midwives anything? Or anyone have any ideas?


  • hi there, sounds like she's been really great to you, and doesn't it make so much difference to your pregnancy when you like your midwife? Mine too is lovely. I think it's a fab idea to get her a prezzy. Flowers are good, you could always call up your surgery and ask them when she's next in? that way you'll be sure to catch her. Or if you got some choccies or wine, you could just wrap them and take them in, and ask for them to be passed on to her?

  • I didn't get my community mw anything as I had a different one everytime every through pg & every visit felt like I was telling my life story over again. However I did buy the 2 mw's that looked after me in hospital a huge box of chocs & a thank u card. I was in hospital for 4 days & couldn't move 1st couple of days & they ran round looking after me! I think it's a fab idea for a present as I think mw's are under appriecated.

    Jayne xx
  • We were over run with flowers so I recycled a huge bouquet I'd received from work - looked like funeral flowers couldn't stand to have them in the house - when my midwife came to visit us at home on day 5 we gave her those. She loved them!

    Most of the midwives in hospital weren't particularly kind or helpful so they got nothing

  • Hi we got the midwives at the hospital a box of biccies & we got our community mw a mug which had a poem about midwives think we got it from collectables xo
  • I didnt get my mws anything either but I had a different mw at every visit and then when I was in hospital with PE I had almost a different mw everyday as well, after the birth I had about 4 different mws come out to visit although they were all lovely!
  • I didn't get my midwife anything, but I had a community nurse visit me eveyday (for over 3 months!) after my section. She was wonderful and I'm pretty sure I'd have had a melt down without her reassurance.

    I got her a Willow Tree ornament, it's a little wooden effect figure, with wings and was holding a 'Thank You' , sounds naff, but it was really cute!xx
  • Hopefully this will be a picture of it!

    You get them in Argos and card shops.xx
  • I had a fabulous midwife in hospital who took endless pains with me at 2 am, despite things being really busy and was generally a life saver. I didn't get her anything as a gift, but wrote a very, very effusive thank you card saying how much I appreciated all her help. I also wrote one to the midwife staff in general to thank those in the delivery suite with me who were also fantastic. Next time I will have to be more organised and send a gift as well if they are as good again, but I was a bit overwhelmed by new motherhood in the early days!
  • I had a faab midwife who I saw alot but unfortunately not all the time and she was away for my birth but I did have some lovely midwifes who looked after me, so I just gave them a thank you card.
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