whats the difference....

between the kitchen at our house and MIL's kitchen....

go on guess, bet you cant get it... ;\)



  • No cupboard locks.

  • Im intrigued please tell

    Is it that she doesnt have a bucket and uses a pan as a subsitute?
  • Hmmm you don't have cupboards full of sugary treats which will be fed to Ollie as soon as your back is turned?
  • Mil's kitchen magicly tidies itself?
  • Mil's kitchen magicly tidies itself?
  • hrmmm tricky one
  • hrmmm tricky one
  • hrmmm tricky one
  • Wallpaper paste is mixed in cooking pans and served on a regular basis as a deli?!?
  • Wallpaper paste is mixed in cooking pans and served on a regular basis as a deli?!?
  • MILs cupboards has everything to eat where as your are out of bounds to treats all the time!!!!!!
  • Lol, I was gonna ditto poz.
  • nope, nothing as exciting as all those!

    Our kitchen - where all cupboards are locked, fridge and freezer locked, oven and hobs guarded etc, is completely out of bounds to Ollie in any way shape or form regardless of the fact the I (mummy with a natural instinct to protect him) am in there with him watching him and i never have the oven/hob going if he's in there...

    MILs kitchen - where no cupboards are locked, nor the fridge or freezer, and the washing powder and fabric softener are within very easy reach along with the bin(out in the open) - is a play area for Ollie (yes so she's in there with him) but even when the oven/hob ARE ON!!!!!!! her oven is at the end of the units so within very easy reach of Ollie, even if he just bumped into it whilst running round the corner....

    I had Ol in our kitchen and OH told me he wasnt happy about him being in there - nothing was on or hot and everything was childproofed but he took him straight out. Yet a week before MIL had Ollie in her kitchen whilst she was cooking tea, roast in the oven and veg on the hob, running and playing... while we were there - and OH doesn't realise why I am upset about what he's said.... He honestly cant see that I'm upset about it and I'm guessing that he has no idea what I'm upset about since he cant even see I'm upset.

    He's a blind hypocritical mummy's boy.

    Argh! :x :evil:

    Sorry it wasnt as interesting as some of your ideas (although she does have cupboards full of sweets and treats, not just for Ollie but for the dog as well even though the dog is on a strict diet at the moment... )


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