Why oh Why??? Rant!

Why do health proffesionals give children lollypops for being good? They have got to be one of the stupidest things ever invented for children. Erm hello.... Toothrot!!?? Chokeing!!?? YOU ARE HEALTH PROFFESIONALS!!! I have NEVER EVER bought my kids lollys and J who is 3 has had 3 in his whole life time. 1 from a shop assistent one from a Doc at the hospital and one from the Doc just now. They give them directly to the child so its not as if Iv given my permission and I feel bad for taking it away when hes already stuck it in his gob going mmmmmm.

rant over xx


  • One of my first memories is having some jabs and the nurse gave me some dolly beads (those bracelet things) for being a good girl! I never minded jabs after that...think I must've been about 3. Tbh it doesnt bother me, but I do agree that they should ask the parents permission. When I was in hospital having Gabe though, I found it odd that the nurses etc went round offering hot choccie and biscuits at night...what happened to the NHS healthy eating campaigns! I had crisps and choccies all the time as well in those lunch pack things....
  • lol thats what my OH said - his dentist used to give him lollypops? WTF?
  • We used to get stickers from the dentist! Personally I dont see the harm in the odd lolly, but it is weird that a dentist would give them out hehe
  • Awe, I hate when people give my children sweets without asking. I had a man at a bus stop try repeatedly to give my 2 year old a mint.... I made her spit it out. I'm just to afraid she choke with all the jumping around kids do outside, in my opinion you are completely justified.

  • im not sure babe they dont do that here. they just give them stickers x
  • Grrrr! Similar situation but different circumstances...

    About 2 months ago my mum and I went shopping, taking dd and 2 yr old ds with us. image

    We went into an Italian for some lunch and I ordered spaghetti carbonara for ds. I then went off to bf dd and when I returned ds had a great bowl of spaghetti in front of him, with a small amount missing from it, and he was munching away on a lollypop!!! image

    My mum said ds was tucking into his spaghetti happily until a waiter came over, showed him the lolly and said "You can have this for being a good boy", putting on the table in front of ds! :roll:

    Of course all interest in the spaghetti went out of the window...

    ...thanks for that....grrrrr! :evil:
  • When I was little we used to get a lolly from the butcher and a sugerfree one from the dentist and a suger cube from the doc. I loved it.
    I agree with the whole chocking thing with lollies but to be honest its a treat and providing you clean there teeth I don't see the problem with tooth decay.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • OOps my hubby is a barber and gives lollys to the kids. i never really thought about it before (no one has ever given one to Emilia) I might ask him if he checks with the parents first.
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