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Hi, I have booked today a holiday abroad for September when my girls will be 9 months old!

Can anybody give me any tips or advice as a first time Mum on our first holiday for flying, travelling, using pools, etc etc.... Things you found useful or wish you had known or taken with you??

Thanks in advance
Emma x

p.s. We are off to Corfu for a week!


  • Hi hun, we took Gabe to Malta for 2 weeks when he was 5 months old.

    It went really well...we had 20+ people with us (wedding) so always had someone to watch him, this helped no end! We took a lightweight buggy. Didnt have any problems at the airport, except I would advise you don't take cartons of formula and take bottles of water and powder seperate instead. Reason being that we had to open the cartons and taste them, and after that they are useless after 2 on the way back we just did water, topped up to 1oz more than Gabe took, so when we had to taste it, there was still enough left for him. We didn't have to taste the powder, that was fine.

    Don't take too many clothes - we took FAR too many, I wish we had just taken four packs of vests and nothing else - seriously!! We took socks, shorts, tops, trousers, outfits for every occasion lol and was totally useless, took up way too much room too.

    Suncream is of course a must, factor 50+, and parasols for the pushchair.

    Always pack enough formula as you never know what brands they stock out there! We didnt pack enough of Gabe's milk (c&g, he was still having lots at that point) and the only shop within 50 bleedin miles only stocked SMA so we put him on that for a few days.

    Your girls will probably be on 3 meals a day by 9 months...we just used jars for Gabe when we were there as its easier (he was on 2 meals at that point). We bought a load of jars from Boots once we were through customs that lasted us until we could buy more from a local shop.

    Sterilising was a nightmare as we didnt have any facilities in the hotel (half board). We bought cold water sterilising bags but they were rubbish, smelled completely toxic (way worse than Milton) and leaked, so we didn't sterilise...just washed v well in hot water and washing up liquid. We took a travel kettle too to make the bottles. Definitely take milton, if worst comes to worst with your sterilising plan you can fill the sink with it and put bottles in there. But TBH at 9 months I would skip sterilising altogether. Gabe's almost 10 months and I do it at home but when away I couldnt be arsed at this point, he eats peoples shoes so no point haha

    I don't know much about corfu, but Malta is useless for pushchair facilities and we ended up carting the pushchair up endless stairs, a baby carrier would have been quite useful, but we forgot it grrrr!!

    We didnt take Gabe in the outdoor pools as it was way too cold, even though the weather was boiling! The hotel had an indoor pool which was lovely and warm so we took him in that and he loved it!!

    Sorry I have written an essay!!!!


  • I can let you know in a couple of weeks because we are flying to Lanzarote on Sunday. Our LO is going to be 5 months on Monday so i`m excited and nervous at the same time. Will fill you in with details when back xxx
  • Tigerlily, what you've wrotes great, essays are welcome!!! Thanks for the advice!

    Jules27, would love to hear about it soon as your back please. x
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