Baby Milk - is this fair?

Went to tesco's ealier and bought Jacks milk. Looking through reciept and we didn't get clubcard points for his milk. I know they say breast is best and all that but I think that entirtely depends on your own personal choices. There are many different reasons why women cant/wont breastfeed and thats up to them.

I breastfed Kelsie until she was 12 weeks old and had to stop due to PND. If I hadn't of done I don't think Dave and I would be together today, and not sure I'd even still be around :\(

Supposing I died, Dave would have children that means he obviously can't breastfeed? Or if I had my breasts removed for whatever reasons I again wouldn't be able to feed.

I can't help but think that, that is really unfair. Boots is like it too.

Sorry for rant girlies!!



  • No, all the supermarkets and boots are the same, its really unfair and I dont understand why they have to penalise people for not choosing to breast feed.
    Or some women breast and formula feed so it can affect most people, I know its only points but when you weigh up over the year how much milk you buy its bloody loads!!

  • I had no idea and and am really shocked by that: how can choosing not to breast feed be in the same category as downing vodka! As earlier mentioned there are loads of valid reasons to stop breastfeeding... aargh I'm really cross now!
  • It's actually nothing to do with the government promoting bfing. Foormula milk is exempt from all loyalty card promotions, offers, vouchers etc for the same reason that prescription drugs are. The offers like bonus points etc are subsidised by the manufacturers, if for example Tesco are giving double points on Coke, Coke are paying them to do it. If the formula companies were allowed to do this it would encourage people to buy what ever milk was on offer, or had the most points, which wouldn't nessecarily be the best milk for there lo. I know it seems unfair, particularly given the price of formula, but it's done to protect potentialy vunerable new mums and babies from the advertising might of the big companies!!
  • Ok starting to calm down - but surely clubcard points on all milks wouldn't compromise anyone!
  • Yep it's government led and there are lots of thing syou dodn't get points on!
  • I think it would be so difficult to allow some points, but not the offers and things that it is easier just to ban all of it! Personally I think that the government should set a price for formula and all the manufacturers should be forced to stick to it, but that is a whole other argument!
  • I can understand them not doing buy one get one free etc but i dont see why you cant have points.

    It drives me mad how the government think that by banning adverts, putting little writing at the bottom of adverts for follow on milk and banning offers it will stop people from breastfeeding. I tried to breast feed but after my baby screamed for 6 hrs solid in hospital becasue she couldnt latch on and the midwife said it was because she 'is just an awkward baby' and left me alone i didnt know what else to do but formula feed. i can assure you i wasnt swayed by the price or possible clubcard points (erm cos breastmilk is free!) I also cant believe that baby formula is treated the same as cigarettes!!! Its treated worse than alcohol cos you can get offers and adverts for that.
  • I see what you mean about the offers Bedhead but I don't see why they don't let you have points for it?
    I use the follow on milk which is good cos you do get points and sometimes money off coupons! xx
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