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Hello lovely ladies,

Maddie is 5 months, and as with my first LO Lily my intention was to move her onto bottles for daytime milk at 6 months (keeping up the morning and evening bf) in prep for my going back to work when she is 9 months.

Currently in the process of moving Lily (20 months) off the bottle and it's proving to be a bit of a battle. I was wondering if it's in any way feasible to skip bottles altogether with Maddie and go straight to a beaker or cup for daytime milk?

Have any of you done this? How old was your LO when you did it and how successful was it? Do you think they got enough milk doing it this way?

Thank you! :\)


  • My boy now 2, has never had a bottle. Was boob fed till 15 months and went onto sippy cups for water and other drinks from around 5/6 months when we started weaning.

    I think giving them milk in the sippy cup is fine. Hugo drinks cows milk from his cups and so on. I think it is what they get used to in the first place, and it can be anything - bottle, sippy cup, even a regular cup!

    I d just skip the bottle :P
  • My son is 11 months old and was exclusively bf until around 10 months and then mixed fed up until about 2 weeks ago. Ever since I introduced formula I tried giving it to him in a bottle but he refused to take it and will only drink it from a beaker/sippy cup. He has had water with his meals from either a regular cup or sippy cup since he was weaned at around 5 months and hasn't looked back.

    I would skip the bottle and see how you get on.
  • I agree, try the beaker and see how she does. I think beakers are easier when they're a bit older and can hold it themselves, as it's hard to sit and 'nurse' a baby with a beaker in the same way as you'd give a bottle of milk as it's a different way of drinking - in my experience bottles tend to be 'guzzled' whereas beakers are more 'sipped'. my ds has had milk from a beaker from 10 months, I did consider going straight to beakers at 6 months but had such a battle getting him to take formula at all that I ended up going with bottles as they were more successful. It did take a couple of weeks to persuade him to take a decent amount from a beaker - but he was used to bottles by then, if Maddie isn't she might take to the beaker straight away.

    I do think going straight to beaker is definitely worth a try though - I'm hoping to do it this time with dd
  • Thanks girls! She's got the idea of water from a sippy cup fine, so I think I will just see how she goes with milk in a sippy cup in the daytime. She's never had a bottle so as you say, Sunflower, perhaps she won't miss what she's never had.

    It will be hard for me to judge what she's getting anyway as I intend on bf morning and night still, but: how many oz milk should a weaned baby of 6 months be having per day?
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