Has anybody used tens?

Hi im preggers with baby number three!!!!


  • Had a bad day as had to inform my very oversensitive 4 year old her fave rabbit was dead. While I tried to keep it secret I spelt it out to my OH and my eldest daughter translated it and blurted it out!!! Kids hey who'd have them!
    There now at there dads for the weekend and I have 2 days to myself. Not sure what to do as my oh is working! Feeling sick, although I havnt actually been sick yet which is a bonus - I hate being sick, it always makes me feel sicker if that makes sense? Cant wait to see baby on a scan. I am slightly worried because I am having cramps. There not painful really just like a mild period pain, but I am so scared so may ring my midwife to see if I can go for a scan and put my mind at rest. This baby is so wanted, like everyones I suppose so silly thing for me to say, but I dont know how I would cope if I lost it. Keeping everything crossed now until 12 weeks have passed.
    Can't seem to drink coke anymore, its far too sweet, apparently this may indicate a boy!?! I hope so! Also my hair on my body is growing an an all time rate. I had to epilate my legs yesterday because I was shaving them in the evening and they were hairy again when I woke up! Hopefully have a few weeks grace now I have yanked them all out at the root! This also is another sign for a boy and to be honest I never had it with my girls. I really shouldnt get my hopes up too much should I? So bloated I feel horrible in everything I wear and my skin had an outbreak of acne 3 weeks ago that hopefully is clearing up now and should stay away! I never have that many spots not even before a period. I am not enjoying this stage yet, I just want to get to 12 weeks so that things settle down a lot more. I am wondering if my pregnancy is different because I am pregnant with a different man than my other 2? does that make sense to anyone else? Ok I will shut up being all hormonal lol!!
    Anyway to top things off my msn isnt working and its my lifeline when my boyfriend works nights, so hopefully I can get it fixed soon.
    Speak again soon
    Love Kate xx
  • Was wondering how good it is? considering it for pain relief for labour.
  • I used it and I truly believe that I wouldn't have coped with out it. And I still use it now when I get back ache and I'm on pg number 2. I found the best place for research on types was ebay. You dont have to buy from there but it saved me hours of trawling through websites and mags.

    I would truely recommend a Tens machine for pregnancy and labour,

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • Hi,
    Congrats on your pregnancy.
    I just used gas and air and found that amazing-quite addictive!!
    Had a friend who used her tens for the very start when things were uncomfortable but bearable and she thought it was amazing. She'd used it before labour to build her nerves/muscles up-does that make sense? Think you can't use it before you are a certain number of weeks pregnant-can't remember how many though sorry!
    Anyway didn't want to read and run and am sure you'll have better advice and replies! x
  • I used tens as well,I wouldn't call it amazing but I did find it very helpful. I put it on as soon as I was getting regular contractions and it saw me through until I was 7-8cm. I would have used it for longer but I got in the birth pool at that point!
  • I managed with mine to 5cm before having diamorphine. I didn't think it would be that effective but it was brilliant!! It never went above level 3 as the vibrations hurt more than the contractions themselves LOL

    I'd advise thick sticking tape though as the pads fall off once you get warm, so you need them strapping on.
  • thanks, appreciate opinions good and bad! x
  • I found it helpful and a welcome distraction in early labour, but once in active labour I forgot I even had it on, and didn't notice the difference when it was taken off. Definitely worth slapping it on, though - even if it doesn't really do anything for you, it doesn't have any negative effects.

    Oh - except I remember now the handset really annoyed me until I realised it had a clip so I clipped it into the top pocket of my nighty - so personally I would recommend one with a clip and a nighty with a pocket :lol:
  • Absolutly recommend!
    Its was the only pain relief i had - long story but even if full pushing mode i was still buzzing it! although by that point it didnt make a differnece but yes they are brilliant! good luck xxx
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