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Blue around mouth and nose NOT lips or tongue

I noticed this the other day but thought maybe it was my eyes and didnt take note.....

OH was doing LO's bath tonight and he called me up and sure enough the area around his mouth and nose was blue. HIs lips and tongue however were very red and his breathing is normal.

Any ideas...he is 13 weeks

(I am going to take him to the doctors about it but wondered if anyone has any knowledge of what it might be?)


  • This is usually related to wind.

    As long as his breathing is fine and he is nice and alert you can attribute it to wind. My lo used to have this but since he has started to bring the wind up himself i haven't seen it.
  • ooh ive no idea but maybe u should speak to a doctor tonight incase its a sign of lack of oxygen ,though his breathing is ok now not sure ..eek sorry im not much help ...hope he is ok xxxxxx
  • oh after reading katstars reply perhaps she is right ,im a panicer sorry xxx
  • Thanks girls, I think for peace of mind I will call NHS direct.....I did read that it is wind also but he generally brings it up himself but going to call just to stop me checking him 100 times tonight!
  • Just to reassure you...if he was blue from lack of oxygen there would usually be other worrying symptoms. His breathing would be laboured...maybe panting or dipping in of his chest when breathing or noisier breathing. I would also expect him to either be upset or less alert than usual.

    If he is happy, smiling and feeding as normal then i'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Maybe call NHS direct if you are still concerned x
  • Prob unrelated but he had his jabs yesterday and has only had one bottle today and been major grumpy this is why i'm a bit more concerned than normal as he is a chunker and loves his milk x

    (however he is of good colour and his lungs are working well haha he let us know that when we took him out of the bath haha)
  • Then i would bypass NHS Direct as they are only going to say that you need to see a doctor and ring your Out of Hours surgery
  • Hi hun

    Daisy used to get the blue around her lips all the time when she was younger... I always put it down to wind - Mum told me that's what it was so I believed her!!!!!

    However, if you are even slightly concerned, I would also take him to get him checked out, especially since he's had his jabs!

    C xx
  • we had this a few times and just put it down to wind too x
  • Thanks girls - decided not to call NHS direct as I agree they generally say 'go get it checked out as they dont want to commit to anything' he is fine now but will book for doctors sometime next week.....I think it is wind x
  • I also thought it was wind. The girls were very windy when they were small and always had a blue top lip

  • also thnk its wind, when we were in hospital and tryingt o settle him one night, we thought he had wind and were trying to burp him but nothing worked, midwife came in adn said 'he doesn't look like he's got wind', when we asked how she knew, she said that if they have wind around the mouth goes blue' after that we did notice sometimes he had what looked abit like a 5o/c shadow lol, afetr a good burp it wld go back to normal colour. xx
  • just wanted to reassure that when ds was in nicu the midwives in there told us the same thing about wind and blue round the lips. xx
  • I know this post is old ,but never ignore blue lips or any cyinosis for that matter my son ended up diagnosed with heart defect and he looks perfectly normal but does get pale around his lips and nose

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