Advice on bottles and teats

My lo is 4 weeks and I am currently using tommee tippee ctn bottles and size 2 teats but I am very unsure about how she feeds.

With the size 2 teats a lot of milk tends to run down her chin but with the size 1 she sucks LOADS and doesn't seem to get much out.

I feel like this being my 4th I should have some idea what I am doing but I feel totally clueless!!


  • Lyla is nearly 9 weeks and I've still got her on the CTN size 1 teats - they only suggest the size 2's from 3 months onwards, I think. Although Lyla does seem to be working very hard to get her milk, she manages to down 5oz in about 20 mins (including a mid-feed burping session!).
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