Will it get any better? also posted in bf


My little one is 5 weeks, we had a bit of a traumatic birth and stayed in hospital the first seven days- which were very unsettled and hard work.

Anyway lo is feeding every two hours on a night- sometimes now stretches to three (if lucky) and feeds hourly daily at the mo up to an hour feed.

I am shattered and emotional wraught, lots of tears, i have friend who breast feed and babies sleep 8 to 9 hours.

Lo does not sleep in day maybe for 20 mins in pram , always requesting milk. I am too tired to even play lots with him.

he is also covered in milk spots for last 3 weeks, which are getting me down

Help is it going to improve.


  • Hi Mrsangel, it will get better I promise you!

    I can't offer too much advice on the breast feeding, as I unfortunately stopped after 6 weeks but it does sound like you just have a very hungry little boy. My hv told me to make sure I eat well to keep the quality of my milk good, not sure if that's true but logic says it must be, so make sure you look after yourself. Can you express and get your hubbie to do some of the night feeds for you so you can sleep?

    Sorry I'm not much help! I'm sure the girls on here will have lots of good advice.
    Good luck xxx
  • Yes! I promise you it really will. You will look back on this period as if it was some sort of dream, honestly!

    It will probably take at least one more week, however. Most babies go through a growth spurt at about six weeks when they feel as if they are constantly attached. The plus side is that this increases your supply so that once they are through it they can get more at each feed and will become less demanding during the day.

    As for sleeping at night, every baby is different. My son is still waking once or twice a night but he can now go up to 8 hours (at nearly six months) and has been gradually improving since he was three months old.

    It is really tough but hang in there, at least for another week. Make yourself comfortable, sleep when he sleeps and don't worry to much about playing with him. The world is so new to him still that just observing life will be stimulation enough.

    Oh, and the milk spots go too, eventually. Just give him and yourself time.

    Good luck! :\)
  • Oh hunny!
    It will get easier! Can't offer any advice, because I started giving formula top ups way before I got to the stage you are at! But just wanted to say you are doing SO well.
    Don't worry about giving top-ups if you need to, your sanity is worth far more than the extra goodness you get in breastmilk. (happy mum = happy baby).
    Trust your instincts and do what you feel is right, don't be bullied into anything by anyone else (I bet you have people queuing up to give you advice!)
    You are doing a fab job. Well done.
  • Yes yes yes it will get much better, just hang in there. You will soon feel much better.

    viki x x
  • It will get better i promise, or there would be none of us mummies Bfeeding at 11mths! Like someone already said could be a growth spurt around now, but your milk supply will catch up and she will start to settle for longer!

    My BF son started sleeping through at 2mths so there is hope! admittedly he's stopped when weaning came round but does some nights now, if not i'm only up once.

    Pesevere its worth it, good luck, x
  • Yes as the others have said it WILL get better - your supply is still getting established. My lo arrived 6 weeks early and we were in hospital for 10 days with him in SCBU for 7 of those. It was bloody hard and stressful and we(my hubbie and I) were both very emotional and raw from it all but I was definitely very much more emotional for the sleepless nights.

    I managed (with a lot of expressing help to start with) to bf exclisively till 6 months and then with solid food till 10.5months when he refused ALL milk :lol:

    It does get easier and if you want to do it stick to it!
  • My lo arrived 6wks early like CrafyCharli's lo. We were sent home after 3days and then were re-admitted the day after and my baby went to SCBU for 1 week.

    Whilst we were there I managed 4hrly feeding but lo wasn't gaining weight so I upped my food intake dramatically- I was having toast/banana/milky tea for breakfast, a cooked lunch and a cooked dinner with lots of snacks also! I lived on granola bars and toast with lots of proper butter as well as mars bars and milky tea! As soon as we were home the 4hrly feeding became a thing of the past and I dont think he has gone 4hrs since! (in the day)

    He slept through from 17wks (now 23) but still has occasional night feeds (last night he was up twice!)

    So I guess what I am trying to say is YES it will get better!
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