Not baby related but how did....

you OH propose to u?

As a lot of you know i've just got engaged and i'm getting married in nov. I bought my wedding dress on saturday. so excited.

Anyhoo..he didnt propose to me, it was just sorta "mkaybe its time we get married seen as we have 2kids now"

So he's took the spark out of it.

How did other people get propesed to? I gotta hear some romance somewhere!! xxx


  • omg mine was the same but before i got pregnant i been engaged for nearly 2 years. we just agreed to get engaged and went and bought my ring.. he promised he would do it properly but never has and it upsets me somtimes coz there is no romance in it at all and im dissapointed. were not getting married til 2010 tho xxx
  • He invited me down to his to stay over xmas & proposed to me on xmas eve. He said he had originally planned to propose on xmas morning but he was nervous so it happened a bit earlier!!
  • My husband proposed to me around 12 years ago on a boat going over to Amsterdam, it was around midnight and he bought a bottle of champagne and took me outside to watch the moon..........

    ........but he'd been drinking most evening and by the time he'd found an appropriate spot outside the boat, he needed a pee, so he turned round and peed on the outside of the boat! then kneeled down to propose and knelt in his own wee!!!!!

    Hillarious, I couldn't stop laughing.....not so romantic!!
  • Mine was completely unromantic! He was absolutely bladdered in the pub and asked me on the karaoke. He was falling over and had beer breath. I said yes really quickly just to get him off the microphone! I wanted the ground to swallow me up! I didn't mention it in the morning in case he had forgotten, but he jus sort of said 'I meant what I said last night'. lol, it was terrible! :lol:
  • more romantic than mine you lucky girl!
  • lol...bless. funny how men need a drink when they gonna do summit like that tho!! x
  • My hubby proposed to me on a beach at midnight on our anniversary in Majorca on our first holiday together four years ago. I knew he was going to do it (i'd picked the ring) so it wasn't a suprise but he had asked my dad without me knowing and prepared a little speech. We got married 3 weeks ago and i'm 22 weeks pregnants today (little one just couldn't wait!) and i think it's pretty romantic image xxx
  • my oh is a soppy romantic at heart but'll denie (sp?) it infront of his mates!

    He proposed to me at 17 whilst i was sitting on a wishing well in disneyland paris on valentines day 2003. (he gave a passer by our camera to take a pic of us sitting togeather but then went down on one knee instead) i had absolutely no idea he was going to do it as we'd only been togeather a couple of months - nobody at all was surprized back home and he'd already asked my parents before taking me away. it was infront of loads of people and they all clapped and took of pics of us! were getting married later this year!
  • dont you feel a bit dissapointed? i do. i have mentioned it since but he dosnt really respond. im gonna have him about it again tomorrow! x
  • Aw what lovely stories..
    My oh proposed last year on april fools day on a suprise trip to Dublin, we stayed in a big castle and he popped the question at dinner that evening. I had no idea, the restaurant was full of people and he started crying... and then of corse so did i. (i was 22 weeks pg at the time.) He had even asked my dads permission before the trip! It turned out everyone knew he was going to ask me except me. We still havent managed to set a date as we are now expecting baby no 2 in august.
    Aw, i'm going to give him a big kiss when he gets in from work, this has reminded me what a lucky gal i really am. x
  • Well my oh wanted to propose to me on my 21st birthday (20th april) but we got burgled on 13th April and the ring was hidden in the house so he decided he couldnt wait till then. So, the next best date happened to be 14th april and 'our' song is called Avril 14 so it was very fitting coincidentally thats the song I will walk down the aisle too!

    He took me to Plymouth Hoe which looks out over the sea so so romantic, he told me we had gone there to look at a flat and that we were waiting for the estate agents. Next thing I know he's down on one knee telling me how im the only girl for him and will I marry him to which i screamed yes in front of lots of people admiring the view! And he had bought me the most amazing diamon platinum square cut ring and i LOVE IT! Everyday i look at it sparkling!

    Get him to do it properly!!!

  • ahh!! so there are some romantic men out there!! I feel cheated!!!! xxx
  • me too! stupid pig! wadda prick! image
  • me too! stupid pig! wadda prick! image
  • My husband was having his car MOTed in the town centre and i moaned until he let me go too. What i didnt know is that he was going to get my engagement ring so he proposed in the jewellers!!!! Im not sure how he would have proposed if i hadnt nagged to go along but what is important to me is that we got engaged.
  • Mine was unromantic too! And I still mention the fact that we can't be married and have 3 kids as he still hasn't proposed lol.
    We were Xmas shopping (been tog for 6 1/2 yr then) and he said 'do you want to get a ring?'. I was well chuffed, chose my ring and he stopped in the crappy arndale centre and said 'are you gonna put it on then?'!!! Then he said, let's get a Playstation for my present now! The cheek!
    We've been together 15 years on Thursday and I love him to bits!
  • we'd previously discussed getting married before ben propsed and said we wanted to... but i was staying over at his house on christmas eve '06 when he took me up to his bedroom and went in the wardrobe... got out a box and i knew straight away wut it was.. my ring! he'd chosen it himself, platinum with a lovely diamond, he then just got down on one knee (at which point i started blubbering like a right baby) and said something really lovely (cant bloody remember a word of it coz i was blubbing so much) and i said yesssss and it was lush, then his mam came to the bedroom door and asked if we were ok coz she heard me crying lol and we broke the news to his family. awwww.
  • We were on holiday in the Dominican Republic and we had decided to go on a catamaran trip. He had hidden my ring in that little pocket men get in their swim shorts and spent the entire journey checking it was still there, the ring that is! I even told him to stop touching himself as people were starting to notice. We anchored up in a bay, borrowed some snorkel gear and jumped off for a swim. He got me to swim away from the crowd, which was great since I needed a pee. He held out his hand with my ring in it and said 'look at what the little fishes have just given me, they want you to wear it'. If only every day was as romantic!
  • im not reading any more of these posts you lucky cows!!! lol
  • Aw romance isn't dead then!

    My 1st proposal was while staying in a hotel in Manc- my hubby said he wanted to pop to the shops and I should stay in the room and relax for a bit...I so knew what he was going to do but it was still really sweet when he asked me if I'd do him the honour of becoming his wife! The ring was beautiful but absolutely massive! So had to wait a week to get the right size one, then my hubby took me on a romantic stroll by the river (well, more of a big pond really) and went down on one knee and proposed to me again. Was so lovely!

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