poorly baby

Hi all, Harry (nearly 10 months) was very unsettled when we put him to bed last night and ended up in our bed. Then around 11pm he was very bringing up his dinner. Then about every half hour after that he brought up some mucus or bile, poor little thing. He had a terrible nappy about 7am and just had to put him straight in the bath.
He managed to suck on some toast at lunch time but brought up 2oz of milk this afternoon.

Has anyone had a similar thing with their little ones?

Cheers, a very tired Debbie xxxx


  • hi hon!!

    poor you two!!

    dr's recommend that if they have a stomach bug to withold milk / milky products for 24hrs as they irritate the bowel more.

    just encourage fluids - water / juice for the day and dryish food - like the toast he's had!

    if his nappies go dry, you need something like Diarolyte -you add it to water, and they drink it to rehydrate them. alledgedly it tastes of Blackcurrant, but you can taste the salty -ness too

    the other thing is full fat, flat coke!! - i do think he maybe a little too young tho, and i'd try the diarolyte first!

    hope he's better soon

  • Thank you ollier, his nappies have been very dry so will add the diarolyte to his water. xxxxx
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