TEACHERS - can i pick your brains about job shares?!


I requested a 4 day job share last september which was refused! we are STILL in negotiations and i've been back to work full time for 3 weeks. i now want to work 3 days and my head wants me to do 2.5 days . have a meeting this friday about it so i really want to be organised.

do any of you do or know of anyone who does a 3 day jobshare in a primary school? if you do how does PPA, staff meetings, planning and handover happen????

thanks, marie


  • Hey Marie,
    Well I'm a teacher at a Primary school and we have 3 job shares-hoping it will be 4 in March!
    One class (Yr1/2) have a teacher for Mon-Tues and then both teachers come to the staff meeting as you just miss so much if you don't.
    Then the other teacher teachers Wed-Fri. Now PPA is on a Fri for them but obviously teacher 1 misses out. So, and I'm nit sure this is allowed but they formulated the idea so, one Mon or Tue a month teacher2 comes in and covers for teacher 1 so she has a day for planning or what not.
    Now planning is tricky as they share it out between the 2 Yr1/2 classes. Not 100% sure about hand overs.
    Now the other one is at Yr4/5. Teacher 1 does Mon and Tues up untill 2:45 (weird I know!) she then has a bit of PPA. Teacher 2 arrives at lunchtime and has her PPA. They both normally stay for the staff meeting but I know hand over is really tricky there. Lots of emailling and phone calls etc. One teacher teaches all the Science so that's quite seperate (shame but it helps them) but they share planning with the other Yr4/5 class but obviously tweak to fit thier class.
    Anyway I was kinda hoping for part time too but I'm not hopeful as there are so many in my school already.
    Good luck and if I can anymore just drop me a post. xSorry a bit long!!
  • Hiya

    I work 4 days a week and I have a TLR responsibility. I have my PPA and managment time on Tuesday afternoon so get 2 hours a week but it is for my PPA and management responsibility. I have Wednesday's off and it is covered by a floating teacher in the morning and then in the afternoon the HLTA has them and my TA. I give the HLTA the medium term planning and she works from that as we have a creative curriculum so the lessons are all a bit of everything.

    Hope this helps.

    Forgot to say, I would rather have the same person teaching them all day on Wed but head is a bit tight and this was cheaper for her - she's saving money. But I am pushing for them to get this teacher know to do the whole day as my children have been messed about a little already this term.

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  • Hi there

    I am job sharing now (since returning in Sept) and I am doing 2 days. So I have to attend 2 out of 5 staff meetings and I get 2/5's of the PPA time of a full time teacher and I have to do 2/5's of inset days etc. I work on the day that it is a staff meeting so I just choose if it is something of interest to me or not and only go to 2out of 5 if there is one I NEED to attend the senior management team tell me and I can plan it in. As for hand over my other half teacher is in doing an extra day elsewhere on one of my days which is flukey so we catch up then and we each plan seperate subjects as that's what we find easiest BUT this is down to the individual job sharers as to how it works best for them. If she wasn't in we have a big A4 book that we jot things in for each other or catch up by text/phone/email.

  • thanks for replies - it helps to see that it can be organised!

    my head is against the idea of a 3 /2 split and i need to have a good idea of how it will work in practice

    anyone else do it????
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