• Hi, I have the birds and the bees it's a limited edition from john lewis, they don't do it anymore but they do have a couple of new designs that you won't see anywhere else, anyway back to my point! I bought mine when I was pregnant and always had the boy/girl colour dilemma as I didn't know what I was having, in the end I just went for my favourite! And in glad I did! It's got pink flowers all over it but my little boy dosnt mind! I love it! Xx
  • The second one!
    Although it'll be you carrying the bag, not the baby, so go for a pink one if you prefer!
  • The second one x
  • i like both the second and third one. Though like somebody else mentioned you'll be carrying it, so it wouldn't matter if you wanted a different colour image plus if you plan on having more children in the future you may have a girl.... so it can be justified. though blue ones are just as pretty!
  • thanks, ladies. i was favouring more towards the second one so you've made my mind up!! i did think about getting the pink one but then thought about my ds still being as bald as a coot and people still asking me if he is a boy or a girl so having a pink changing bag swinging on the pram would just confuse people even more image xx
  • i got the pink and brown one with butterflys on today as an early mothersday/birthday present and i love it already! x
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