for those with an 'm&p primo viaggio' car seat

hi there,

curious to find out, please

1.) was there enough padding for a tiny newborn or should i invest in sumit like this total body support thing? or just find sumit else

2.) Carseat Raincover -
- are they really worth it?
- does only the official m&p one fit or does another brand work too? ie m/care or toysrus or ?

cheers for taking the time to read n possibly replying


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  • Hiya

    I have the car seat, my son was born 6lb 9.5oz and the padding was enough for him.

    I also do have the car seat raincover the m&p one this was an essential as the car seat attaches directly to the M&P frame we have (no puschair seat attached) so bearing in mind popping to shops etc and this weather has been very handy, also taking my older son to school, like this moring i just put the cover over and carried the car seat to the school (out of the car of course) and dropped of my son.

  • I also think the padding is fine for a newborn, we dont have a rain cover for it as we never took it out of the car only when he was little and it would be out the car into the house. We never used it on the pram.

  • We have this car seat as well and there is def enough padding for a newborn, my baby girl was very fine when she was born and she fitted snuggly into it. We have the raincover for the pram but I have never use done on the carseat, we have just taken it from the car to the house so we never needed it. Love this car seat!!
  • hiya we have this car seat LO was 8lbs 2oz we had the head support thingy which was fab but we used it till he was 6 weeks then took its out and its fine image our car seat has a hood on it but i did get the rain cover...ive used it 3times lol! so if the car seat hasnt got a hood id defo recommend but if it has i wudnt bother! its a good car seat but im finding LO feet stick out the end and his sholders are a bit sung hes 4mths nd its well heavy! but its a great seat xx
  • def enough padding for newborn. i used the M & P head hugger while luke was newborn as his head did lol about a little but the head hugger was fab...think they are ??10??? raincovers...i never bought the special one for the carseat and i use mine alot just clipping it on the wheels. i bought the raincovers for the pram/pushchair and the rains come in two halves. one half fits perfectly over the car seat so never needed to buy special one. dont know if u have the pram??? if u do the raincovers fit perfectly so i wouldnt waste ur money.
  • Hiya, been meaning to reply to this for days!
    We thought the padding was fine but did add one of those small / basic head huggers to support Toby's head as he was a tiny one!

    Never bought a rain cover for it - but rarely got caught in rain as T was born in May. If we did, we dashed in and out with a blanket or coat over the top with the hood up.

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