Convinced his soft spot has got bigger!!

Hi everyone.

The other morning I was stroking Jacobs head and discovered that his soft spot has 2 thinner soft channels coming off of each side (hope that makes sense). I'm convinced that they weren't there before. Also his soft spot seems bit bigger and nearer to the front of his head.

I'm really worried that instead of closing up it's getting bigger because his skull isn't growing properly. I hope I'm worrying for nothing but taking him to the docs this morning and have got to go to clinic to get him weighed so will also speak to HV.

Has anyone elses LO had an odd soft spot.




  • As LynneMJ said it's diamond shaped, and my lo's looks like it is healing more front to back if that makes sense, so it kinda appears wider on the sides than it did before.
    How did you get on at the doctors?
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