Where can i get......

a miss santa outfit for a baby think il prob need 0-3 months size i cant find any ive looked in mothercare, woolworths peacocks and matalan - any ideas ladies???????


  • Hi JoanneG

    I think Tescos abd M & S have Santa outfits.

  • Mamas & Papas do a Mary Christmas outfit. Think it's ??18 though so not cheap.
  • Mothercare do them online:

  • thanks ladies i will go and have alook yay another excuse to go shopping lol x
  • matalan also have some which are not expensive!
  • Asda have them in from newborm to 18months
  • Woolworth's also have some!! Getting mine from Asda as I prefer the outfits from there!!

  • i have ben to asda and have bought one its soooo cute although they didnt have a hat to fit so will have to search for one, and may end up returning this one for abigger size i think i got first size which was 9lb something and sophie is 4 weeks and only weighs 7lb 9 so was thinking this would fit in 4/5 weeks time but now im beginning to wonder as she was only 5lb 15 born what do you think ladies will it fit?????? the next size seemed huge it was for 14lb something and she's never gonna get that big surely???????
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