I have been giving Lily little sandwiches for her finger food, but they are getting a bit boring! I want to try tuna, and egg mayonaise, but not sure if they are allowed mayonaise???? I know homemade mayonjaise is a no no because of the egg, but shop bought mayo has been pasterised so is it ok???

Clare x


  • i assume its fine altho i haven't given, it to dear son yet, if ur a bit aprhensive then try mixing tuna/egg etc with cream cheese instead, or tuna goes well with avocado too. xx
  • I answered this last night and it's not here!!!

    I just said that I think mayo is fine, but I use creme fraiche instead. Just think it's a bit more pure and got less crap in it...

    C xxx
  • My lo has been having mayo (just a bit) since about 8 months - I asked my HV, and she said it's fine, but to try him with egg on its own first to make sure he's ok with it - but if your lo has already had egg then it's fine. I think there is salt in it, but a little bit is ok.
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