calpol for teething?


Maiya has been quite grizzly, flushed cheeks etc and quite unsettled. she doesn't have a high temperature but is warm. do you think a dose of calpol might help her feel more comfortable at bed time?? not even sure if it would do any good for teething? she is 18 weeks tomorrow

have been using baby bonjela.

what does everyone else do at night??

thanks xxxxxxxxx


  • I give Gabe calpol for can only try it!

    On the subject is there any infant paracetamol similar to calpol that tastes different? Gabe has no problems taking any other medicine he has had but he despises calpol and is a battle to get down him. We use medised for night but need something for in the day! xx
  • Medised and Calpol are near enough the same thing and both are great for teething.

    Kelsie has calpol at the 1st sign on teething and doesn't pay to much attention to it!

  • Calpol sent Ellie mad so I use baby nurofen & it's fab so it might be worth using that Tiger Lilly xx
  • i have used calpol night afew times when lo teeth have been bothering him it works really well and helps him sleep
  • Hi,

    We use baby bonjela and a gummy teether thats been in the fridge for Lily to bite on, and the big cutie falls asleep with it in her mouth.

    Have now started giving her these before she goes to bed, then she just drops straight off without then need for them. image

    rachel xx
  • i didnt use it much i gave my older two frozen bananas to chew on and they worked great so will be doing the same again x
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