should I change his formula??

Hi Everyone,

my son is 7 weeks old and from about 2 weeks he has suffered with tummy pains and we have bouts of crying all day everyday, I tried infacol for a week but it didn't realy help and made him quite sick. as soon as he was a month old I used gripe water which really helps however his tummy pains are still there and seem to effect him after or during a feed.

He is currently on SMA gold, is putting on a healthy amount of weight and is not sick at all however I think he has trouble digesting it - I'm tempted to try eith cow & gate comfort milk or Apamil comfort as I have read that the protein is partially digested and it has half the lactose??

What would you do? I am going to speak to my HV tomorrow but would really apprecite some advice

Thanks for reading
Lisa x


  • James is 9 weeks old. He has suffered with colic. We started with just infacol, but introduced gripe water at one month like you. James was still suffering, so we bought the Tommee Tippee anti-colic bottles and started using colief. I did ask my HV about changing formula, she said most formulas are similar these days, but I didn't ask about comfort milk. James is a lot more comfortable on the colief. :\) xx mithical and James 9 weeks 2 days.
  • Thanks Mithical, I haven't looked into colief, can you buy it over the counter or does it have to be prescribed?
  • You can get it on prescription if you have a nice doctor. But you can also buy it over the counter, just expensive for a tiny bottle, around ??10. I don't follow the instructions to the letter, but still works. It breaks down the lactose, which is what the babies have trouble with. xx
  • I'd speak to your HV and/or Doctor just to rule anything out first.
    Is his bowel movements regular and 'normal' or is he having problems?
  • We started our lo (almost 11 weeks) on Cow & Gate Comfort milk for colic last week following discussions with our hv. She was on Colief & gripe water prior to that, but didn't seem to be settled. She seems much better on it, as you say, it has half the lactose, so we no longer need to use the Colief.

    We were warned to expect explosive green nappies on this milk, but we haven't experienced this so far.

    We are hoping that we can start to reintroduce the normal cow & gate formula in a few weeks, when her body is producing enough lactase to break down the lactose.

    When I spoke to my hv, she said that she'd heard of good results from the comfort milk, but I wouldn't have changed without discussing it first. hth xx
  • Thanks for your replies everyone, I will speak to my hv about it tomorrow but am so desperate to help him feel more comfortable, it's horrible seeing him in pain - Blob - his bowel movements are regular, he has about 2/3 poo's a day and they are fairly loose but he seems to strain and be very uncomfortble beforehand.
  • Just to warn you that comfort milk also has a mild laxative in it for constipated babies so if lo isn't constipated you may get explosive nappies!

  • thanks for the warning princess87 - should be interesting!! I'd be pleased to deal with the nappies if he is more comfortble - now that is desperation for you lol
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