can someone answer a question about schools please

Following on from the discussion about private schools recently. There was some mention of the 11+ exam and grammer schools, can someone explain to me how this works please. Do all children do the 11+? Are there grammer schools everywhere or does it just depend on where you live? I thought i remembered years back talk of grammer schools being closed down? And weren't some schools opting out of the 11+ exams this year or was this something else?

I know there are a few teachers out there so I hope that someone can help me. My dd1 has just started in year 1 and at the end of reception her report said that she was exceeding expectations in all areas expcept one where she was within expectations so I really want to make sure that we do what is best for so she can really achieve the best that she can.

thanks for any advice



  • from whgat i remember. you only take the 11+ if you want to apply for a grammer school-it will probably depend if there is one in your area, there was where i lived (one boys and one girls). your child can take the 11+ and chose not to go if they pass but the school they chose to go to has to be put as their 2nd choice on the application for secondary schools.
    i think it was the SAT's the schools were boycoting not the 11+

    hth xx
  • Depends where you live hun - in Kent they still have the state grammar schools where you can choose whether your child sits the 11+ or not - and if they pass the 11+ then they will be offered a place at one of the grammars. If they don't pass - it's one of the non-selective schools for them.

    In other areas, some of the old grammar schools became fee-paying independent schools - where you have to pay and your child still has to pass an entrance exam to get in. Others just became comps/high schools etc.

    I'm no expert about areas other than Kent I'm afraid - so perhaps some of the teachers can help. I think that in other area admissions are down to the own school's criteria - normally geographical closeness to the school. Except Brighton & Herts where there seems to be some bizarre lottery system in place!

    I think the thing some of the schools opted out of recently was the SATS - which are the tests which determine the schools place in the league tables.
  • there are two fee paying independent schools where i live that require the 11plus.. there is a grammar schol, for which we are currently 1.5 miles out of the catchment area, which is free. again children would need to pass the 11 plus.

  • Thanks ladies, yes I remember now it was the SATs that I was thinking of being boycotted.

    Does anyone know how I find out if there are any grammer schools in my area?
  • google grammar schools in ... !! simplest way. then go to their website to see if they are fee paying or not.

    You can put in your postcode and it will bring up a list of nearest schools - you can get their schol profile and ofsteds as well.

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