Fao Gemmiebaby

Hey hun, sorry for not being around (colicy baby)
But i just wanted to give you a pat, and say "well done", you are doing a great job, and sometimes when i am about to have a nervous breakdown i think of you. dealing with twins, reflux, skin issues. Your boys are lucky to have a mom like you

Wishing you all the best



  • Hey hun,

    Things have definitely been a difficult ride and have just tried to take things as they come. I hope things have got easier with the colic. I know it is very difficult listening to them cry and there is nothing you can do. You just want to protect them.

    The boys are getting there. Their skin is still awful, in fact, im trying to contact the paed for an earlier appointment as Alfie's skin is painful and cracked and he seems so uncomfortable. Most of the other issues are getting sorted. They are on cows milk free formula, which they are mostly drinking well, although I do think all their earlier issues have put them off milk totally! They are loving food though and im looking forward to 5th April when they will be 6 months and I dont have to worry so much about what im giving them! Theyre loving fruit and veg purees though!

    How is LO getting on? Im glad thinking of me is being of some help! lol! However, all problems are relative and one persons problems are just as difficult as anothers.

    Thank you for thinking of me. I think regularly of the people ive met along the way on here, in good ways and not so good ways, and how they are getting on now.

    Love Gemma xxx
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