Uh oh - family fued coming my way!

well I just deleted my sis in law off of fb. This is because she updates everyday congratulating herself on what a fab mother she is. The last 6 months it has all been about how she has breast fed, pumped and mix fed her baby. Honestly, 3 updates a day about how much she pumped, where she stores it, how much she has given to the hospital, how much he drinks, whether the baby has a cold or not and if it is down to her 'liquid gold' as she likes to call it, that he has been protected.

She goes on about feeding in the night, latching on, how dedicated she must be and what a fantastc job she is doing (her own words). AAARGHHH All this everyday 2 or 3 times a day for months and months. This is her second baby so this self congratulating has gone on for years and years. Well this morning i woke up to this updat:

Wow - I can enjoy some days out now I am not a slave to the pump. I am so proud of myself for giving my son 6 months worth of liquid gold where most babies only get formula. I am so proud for giving him such a fantastic start in life. All this and he is still getting 50% breast milk. Wow - i have my freedom back now!

Now apart from all the things i actually wanted to put ( i had to bottle fed both my kids we have children the same age) like GET A GRIP and YES WE KNOW, i actually just deleted her. It's not about the breast feeding atall.....just how someone can love themselves sooo much! When the truth is, she is lazy and lives in a life of grime house that the children cannot move in. Mice, snails everywhere, dirty clothes, minging bathroom that is alive and is mean, rude and very lazy.
In fact she may even be on this forum or one of her friends...but I have finally snapped. And I quite like it!!! lol



  • Good move!!! She won't know you've removed her from your fb until she tries to view your profile/page, I've done it a few times too in the past! Who wants to know about the intricate details of breastfeeding/pumping on fb anyway - there's something really not quite right about that.

  • I've deleted people or if its a bit sensitive blocked seeing their updates!

    Good luck
  • Yeah, I was just about to say - to save an argument, maybe you could just 'hide' her status updates? I would be exactly the same as you though - god, she loves herself!!! What boring status updates too!! You can gurantee many of her fb friends will have hidden those updates - yawn!!!!

    Rucky 35 & 5
  • i hide a lot of peoples updates as i dont see why anyone would want to know such personal info or why you would even want to share it, some people must have nothing better to do!
  • Fair play I would've deleted her too! Haha. I'm glad she BF and loved it but 2-3 times a day of stupid updates???

    I have this one "friend" (never see her just an acquaintance who added me) on there from my old workplace who constantly goes on, and ON, about how fantastic her boyfriend is. I can understand being happy, but this girl has known the guy for a few months maybe and every update is "Love you so much Daniel (or whatever), 3 months together & we're gonna be together forever" Excuse me while I puke!!! Lol

    The funniest ever fb status update I saw was from a guy from school, it went " ***** is not being shallow, but could really do with some sex"

  • i delete people from facebook all the time, mainly if they just dont talk to me via facebook. whats the point in having them. but i also hide a lot of status updates from boring people. *** is cooking chicken for dinner. who cres.

    but even though she sounds a disgrace for kim and aggie to sort out i do think she has a right to be proud of exclusive breastfeeding. its damn hard work. maybe you are a little sensitive because you didnt?
  • Oh good - everyone kinda feels the same! I guess by deleting her I wanted to prompt a reaction from her. Feel like I have needed to get it out of my system with her being at the top of my home page all the time with 'me me me' updates. Her kids are the best, she is the best, her 'mummy milk/ liquid gold' is the best. My god, even the donations to the hospital EVERYONE had to know what a good person she is and how lives she thought she virtually saved by giving it blah blah Horrendous woman! Just a waiting game now to see when she notices hehe xx
  • I exclusively breastfed -stopped when lo was 14 months, I wouldn't dream of ramming it down peoples throats like that-nobody cares! I don't think it's over sensitive to be board ridgid by it!!
  • Calleigh...I dont think BF is the point really. It would be just as bad if someone never shut up about all the organic food they cook their lo. Or how their lo was crawling at 5 months. Both these things are good but to hear about the SAME thing 2-3 times a day EVERY DAY must be dull as shit!!! Em29 - I really dont think there is any point starting a feud with her! She sounds so self-centred I doubt she will even notice you've deleted her - also, people who boast are usually insecure.....cliche but true
  • i was just saying the op is probably more sensitive to the bf posts.
  • What a boring woman!!! Good riddance to her I say!

    Hope this doesn't turn into another BF thread...the topic of the updates is irrelevant...
  • I agree with the others - she sounds like a right self-indulgent cow.

    I wonder who is looking after her baby while she's doing all these status updates! Maybe she should spend less time boasting about her "liquid gold" and more time playing with her baby.

    I think i'd have deleted her too.
  • I can see why u deleted her.

    My biggest pet hate on it, is pople that go on and on how great their lives are their family is the best how they are supermummy blah blah blah whn you know them well enough to know its a bunch of lies and they are a lazy mum, needs environmental health round the house and she shares her partner with someone else!! Its all an act for others that dont see them often or at all!

    And updating god knows how many times a day makes me think they just sit on their computer all day!

    sorry rant over xx
  • Absolutely agree with you ladies - dull but also angered me because of the fact that she feels she is special enough for everyone to be interested in everything she does. Calleigh - not at all sensitive about the bf updates - you can only imagine what it was like when she was pregnant and had more time on the computer. It was as if she has been the only pregnant woman in existence!
    And Young mum gone mad - you are right too! No point in a fued. She won't even notice. But cannot now make 'friends' again without her knowing I deleted her?? Oh well. I will await the call from my brother asking why etc ....as if he needs to ask!
    Interesting how people say that she shouldnt spend so long on FB - she even posts in the night if she is up for a feed complaining that she is up giving a bottle of expressed milk ...surely you would just feed and get straight to bed?? Weirdo! x
  • why would you give expressed at night?

    i have deleted people in the past, then when they've mentioned it i just play dumb, or say i was having issues with fb last week, or say i deactivated my account and when i reactivated it i lost a lot of people. i did deactivate when i was pg as i didnt want people putting things on my page about my pregnancy for people i dont see ever reading, so it's not a total lie. one of hubby's friend's girlfriend put my baby's name on fb before she was born as hubby told her boyfriend on a noght out what we had chosen!!! she was the same too with updates about how great she and her children and boyfriend are, and actually states on her info page on fb that she is an excellent mother. she didnt bf as she had too much to do...
  • Oh well I have got lots of 'options' then calleigh lol! Cheeky woman announcing your name before the birth - she must love stealing peoples thunder. I will never cease to be astounded by how obnoxious some people can be!!
  • she does. she also lies. i try to ignore her but she just winds me up.
  • why would you give expressed at night?

    I gave EBM at night - didn't realise there was anything wrong with it? Are you not supposed to? :\?
  • nikkiandneil, I dont think she meant your not supposed to, just that surely it would be easier to breast feed from the breast at night than getting out of bed for the hassle of getting milk from the fridge and warming it!

  • yes that's what i mean!! i pick up the baby, stick her on the boob, she burps, she goes back down, she sleeps, and i have not even got out from under the covers. i just sit up. to me coming downstairs, getting out milk, warming it up, coming upstairs,,, well, id be wide awake after all that!
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