sorry if tmi, but should I be worried about his green poo ?

Hi, Archie is nearly 6wks (on Sunday) and he is formula fed. He's been really windy and has reflux but we've been using infacol and gripe water for his trapped wind etc.
In the last week or so he's only been poo'ing every 2 or 3 days which i know isn't too unusual for a bottle fed baby. But his poo is really green, should I be worried ? I think I read somewhere that this might be an infection, but honestly he seems fine.
If I'm honest his poo has always been a bit green (different shades !) as soon as it passed the very early newborn yellowy phase.
Any advice would be great. Ta. Suz xx


  • JJs poo has been green since about a week old and he's fine, it can be a sign of trapped wind but my hv isn't concerned at all about it x
  • my lo also has green poo and sometimes different shades aswell, has done since a few weeks old,
  • I think its normal for both an ff or bf baby but more common in ff (apparently). There are loads of topics on this sometimes so it does seem really normal and apparently can be to do with wind, etc.

    Wait till you start weaning hun - that's when the poo gets weird! I'm surprised every time I change his nappy lol (not sure why as it looks exactly like whatever I feed him!!!)
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