bpa free - do i need to swap all my bottles etc...? help!

hi ladies
just had a friend around who said she is swapping all her bottles so that they are all bpa free. i have a mix but cant work out which are bpa free and whoch arent - i use the tommee tippee ones

firstly how do i tell?
secondly do i need to swap? what are the risks?

all worried now!!

Jane xx


  • u can tell with the first lot of bpa free as they don't have black markings just raised ones, but the new bpa free have marks on to, but i think the plastic is thinner/softer on bpa free, u don't need to change them tho, i didn't. my mw at the time said the only time bpa becomes a problem is that is when u heat the liquid in the bottle in the microwave so the bpa gets into the liquid as microwaves release the bpa fromt he botttlen, i've always used hot water for heating his milk so not a problem, the only bpa free bottles are the ones i've bought recently because u can't buy non bpa anymore, but most of mine are pre bpa scare

    heres a topic u might be interested in


    hth xx
  • thanks siany
    panic over... breathe lol!!

    jane xxx
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